Containerbar Noordplein Rotterdam


A temporary bar built from sea containers? From the 25th of August and until the 4th of September, the place to be was the Noordplein in Rotterdam. Organized by Frankie Dros and his sister Tahnée, several K-TAINER containers were transformed into a bar – and an amazing time was had!

Blessed with beautiful weather, the Containerbar hosted a delightful after-summer party that put a lot of emphasis on local products, such as foodstuffs from the adjacent Zwartjanstraat. That meant delicious hamburgers, Turkish toast, cocktails, coconut water, and cold beer!


The runtime of two weeks was a little bit on the brief side, according to Frankie – and here at K-TAINER we agree. If it's up to him, the Containerbar will certainly not have been a singular event, but will return again next summer - bigger and for a longer time. In Frankie's mind the event will develop to be an alternative for events such as Biergarten, hosted elsewhere in the city.


One thing is for sure, here at K-TAINER we are proud to have been able to help realize the Containerbar – and if it's up to us, we'll be there again next year!