Containers to St. Maarten following hurricane Irma


This month we saw the destruction created by class five hurricane Irma, and one of the countries affected was the island country of St. Maarten. Much is being done at present to support those affected. Shipping containers are very flexible and durable, which makes them ideal for both transport of relief goods or providing temporary housing or offices.

The island counts almost 75.000 inhabitants, about half are French, whilst the other half constitute a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. About eighty percent of the country’s income leads back to tourism. The holiday season starts in December, so time to repair the infrastructure is running out. According to sources, over 90% of the construction on the island has been damaged, and estimates show that about a third has been irreparably destroyed.


K-tainer is involved in several relief initiatives. For example, a company with a St. Maarten office has reached out to us to supply two accommodation containers which will serve as temporary offices. These two accommodation containers are on a ship headed for the island right now. Another initiative sees a K-tainer container be used to store and transport collected aid goods, such as clothing, office supplies, toys, hygiene products and other goods.


K-tainer employees have also fired up an initiative to collect supplies to contribute to this admirable idea.