Intermodal Europe 2015


The fortieth edition of Intermodal Europe was held this year in Hamburg, and as always the K-TAINER stand was open for business. Intermodal Europe is an annual event which strives to bring together professionals from the container, transport, and logistics industries. The event is known for its open-to-public conferences, which provide ample opportunity to enter into conversation with market and opinion leaders. Because of this, the event offers a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to showcase themselves, do business, and engage in networking.

During this year's event around five thousand people participated in the conversation. Together with K-TAINER, over a hundred worldwide suppliers from the industry were present to advertise their latest services and products.


Intermodal Europe will be coming to K-TAINER's home turf in 2016, with AHOY Rotterdam hosting the event from the 15th to the 17th of November. K-TAINER will be there, but please don't be shy to enter into conversation with us before then!