K-TAINER crosses the finish in the Dakar 2016 with the 'van Velsen Rally Sport Team'


On the 16th of January, a nearly indestructible GINAF truck successfully finished the Dakar Rally 2016 in Rosario, Argentina. It was driven by Aad van Velsen of the 'van Velsen Rally Sport Team' and supported by K-TAINER.

The podium festivities had already ended, but with finishing anything but a guarantee for indeed any contestant, that didn't do anything to lessen the sense of accomplishment of finishing the toughest race in the world. The terrain itself was enough of a challenge, especially after heavy downpour caused much of the rally stage to wash away in the first few days. The team reached high ground in the literal sense as a later stage took them to around 4600 meters. Up that high, thin air caused problems for both machine and man. After the quick and the high tracks, the next stage finally took them to the dunes, where navigator Jos Schotanus really came into his own. The final stage was neutralized for most trucks in the end as the terrain had simply become truly and utterly impassable, which meant that the team had to reach Rosario via a massive detour, culminating in a somewhat late arrival.


Despite the unfortunate circumstances towards the end, competing in the Dakar Rally was a dream come true for owner and driver Aad van Velsen. "We never could've achieved this result without our amazing team and all of our sponsors. Thank you all so much!" K-TAINER is very proud to have contributed to this massive achievement.