Modifying containers


For years K-tainer has been known for our competitive pricing and service. The last few years we've also managed to greatly expand our knowledge regarding the modification of shipping containers. We have certainly taken on our fair share of creative projects, so if you are feeling inspired do not hesitate to contact our experts to find out if your idea can become reality!

Whether it concerns modifying your shipping container to - for example - an office, work station or stables, or inserting a walk-through door or applying your company logo - opportunities to modify your shipping container for your specific needs are almost endless. Our own experience speaks for itself, K-tainer has so far worked on the following projects:

Library bus
After many years of loyal service transporting and storing goods, this K-tainer shipping container has found a new purpose: panorama deck on top of a library bus. Bet you didn't see that coming.

Container home
Several of our containers have been extensively modified to form a single, large, modern, green and durable house at a beautiful location in a sunny part of Europe.

Container bar
The Containerbar event has become has become a frequent and returning event on the Noordplein in Rotterdam over the past few years. The next edition is on King's Day, and K-tainer will again be there!


Containers have the potential to provide an easy way of putting down a restaurant just about anywhere. We have handled the logistics of moving a pop-up style restaurant to, amongst others, Milan and Sweden – and provided the modified frame that gave this restaurant its characteristic look.


Doors as decoration
The modern day shipping container is one of the most recognisable icons of logistic in the world, and is therefore sometimes used for its aesthetic or symbolic value. The door of a container is found in the Dutch office of EKB Container Logistik

Container used as the base for a rally service truck
A container has been specially modified and put on the chassis of a service truck to use during the Africa Eco Race in Dakar. It was and will be used to store materials and tools, and serve as a sort of kitchen and sitting area for riders and relations.


Bicycle Shed and Smoking Area
Containers can be modified to act as various support units for outside the office.

Water treatment unit
A company specializing in water treatment offers their products inside a container on any location.

Our very own Event Container
If you are in temporary need of a bar, why not take advantage of the already built-and-ready K-tainer Event Container to pop-up a store or bar at any location of your choosing? We are here for you!


Prototype technology to reduce CO2
We were approached to modify a container to the preferred specifications and deliver it, in a short amount of time, to Switzerland. K-tainer delivered.


There are more examples and information to be found on our Modification page.


If you have an idea or a question, no matter how silly it seems, don not hesitate to contact us! We're here for you.