New blue & white containers 20ft standaard


We are pleased to present our latest new builds 2018 as addition to our container stock: a collection of new brilliant blue and white 20 ft. dry shipping containers! These presentable containers are ideal for use during for instance moving or storage.

At K-tainer we understand that whilst style isn't everything, sometimes your containers need to look a certain way. K-tainer offers many solutions that allow you to modify the appearance of a container to match your company's looks and style. This includes refurbishing and renovation options such as stickers of your own logo or repainting in your company's colours. It is for this reason that we keep our fleet of containers diverse.

These standard shipping containers can be delivered worldwide, and all containers released by K-tainer are fully inspected by our expert before delivery, to guarantee that they contain valid a CSC and ACEP code as established in the International Security Standard for Containers. This guarantees that the safety and quality meet the international standards, so you always get what you paid for.