Prototype Technology combine to reduce CO2 with our container


When a container trading company like us mentions reduction CO2, you're probably inclined to think we're talking about reducing our CO2 emissions during transport. At K-TAINER we think this is very important, true, but today we're talking about something else entirely! We are particularly proud to inform you that one of our 40ft High Cube containers is part of a prototype of experimental technology that captures CO2 directly from the air.

Literally the container forms the basis of the device, which was built by an innovative Swiss company. Our customer chose us because of our Lean & Green certification, proof of our efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions across our company. K-TAINER was asked if we could, within a strict time frame, modify the container to specifications and deliver it on location in Switzerland, where the country's largest mobile crane placed the container on top of a 25 meter high facility.


K-TAINER is immensely proud to be able to participate in reducing CO2 in the world in this manner. To be continued!