Rent your very own Container Bar at K-TAINER!


When it comes to finding just the right solution to your logistic problems, we at K-TAINER strive to offer the highest quality. This is why, when you come to us with an unusual request, we try to meet you in as many ways as possible - for instance if you wish to use shipping containers to build a house, pop-up store or bar. Our latest product is a fitting example of this: the K-TAINER Container Bar!

Have you always wanted to experience what it's like to have your very own pop-up bar, but are you not willing to purchase, store - and of course remodel your own container? For containers are versatile, but they need to be adjusted to truly be able to serve as a bar - think things like a counter, or two. K-TAINER has got you covered! Our very own for rent Container Bar is currently in the workshop and will be available for renting as from mid March 2017!

With the K-TAINER Container Bar, you can set up your own café or restaurant in a jiffy, and wherever you need it - whether it's the parking lot of your company, or in the smack middle of town. The Container Bar has been fitted with LED lighting on the inside and plenty of power sockets to fit your needs. There are two large hatches which can be opened to serve as counter and connect you to the outside world, and there's a back door for easy access. Naturally the main container doors are also still available, ensuring you can easily load in your equipment and supplies.


Should you instead be in search of a more permanent solution, we have the experience to help you! For more information, please contact us!