Up-cycling: decoration by doors


Since containers are so versatile, you can probably easily picture them in different circumstances, such as in the rain on a boat, or rushing by on top of a speeding train at a railroad crossing. One place you probably wouldn't picture a container is inside an office, yet the front of a K-TAINER shipping container now proudly adorns the Dutch office of EKB Container Logistik!

Specially designed to withstand all the weather mother nature can throw at them, containers are mostly used for heavy, utilitarian duties, of course headed by transport and storage. Because of their resilience containers are very well-suited for up-cycling - but even the most unconventional uses of containers often utilize their strength and durability; such as use as a frame for a home, or as you can read elsewhere in this newsletter, a bar. However, not every single use of a container has to do with strength: sometimes it's the characteristic appearance that's used.

The shipping container is one of the most recognizable shapes in the logistic world, and is therefore sometimes used purely for its esthetic or symbolic value. For example, in front of the K-TAINER headquarters stands a statue that was once a proud shipping container. And now, part of a container can also be found in the Dutch office of EKB Container Logistik. We hope the ladies and gentlemen of the Bergambacht office will enjoy their new, stylish ornament!