Van Velsen Rally Sport finishes in Dakar!


January 14th was a special day for the Van Velsen Rally Sport team as they finally crossed the finish line of the Africa Eco Race in Dakar. This final special stage was a relative breeze, consisting of a twenty-two kilometre lap around the Lac Rose in Senegal – a pink salt lake twenty-five km from the city of Dakar.

Their finish marked the end of an epic and gruelling two-week race, which took the Rally Sport team six thousand kilometres across sand and rocks and many, many dunes. The final stage took place on the same location where the old Dakar Rally used to finish, a legendary beach for those ingrained in Dakar lore. Crossing the finish line here, of all places, with their own truck truly meant a dream come true for team owner Aad van Velsen and his loyal crew in the truck.

This race marked the official debut of Brutus – the monstrous home-built service truck, which the regular reader might remember sports a modified K-tainer container. This specially built and cleverly designed truck immediately proved its mettle on the first day by completing over six-hundred kilometres in eleven hours, and then taking only ten minutes to set up camp and welcoming the truck crew.

Here at K-tainer we've followed the race with great interest, and we're immensely proud to have been able to assist in helping the Van Velsen Rally Sport team achieve their dream of finishing on the beaches of Lac Rose. More information about the race and the team's account of participating in it can be found at