Whiskey-tainer: K-tainer supplies new Tank with CIP Bulbs


Sometimes you get those requests that are too good to be true !!! For example, K-tainer received the application for a whiskey brewery on 9 April this year supplying a 20ft food grade tank container between 20,000 and 25,000 liters equipped with CIP piping. This tank container must have a good drain at the bottom and a walkway with opening. The expressed wish of the customer is that the tank container is sprayed black and should be provided with their beautiful whiskey logo.

K-tainer has directly contacted the company. After determining the correct technical details; such as the outlet of the tank container must be DN-50 and that there are three (3) dimensioned spray balls fitted with a flow of 150Hl / h in total, K-tainer received recently the assignment to deliver this new 20ft tank container. Together with the customer we have selected this new 20ft Tank container. For the final result we refer to the next edition of our K-tainer newsletter.