Winner of the K-TAINER Feyenoord-Eagles contest visits match in the Kuip


A month after the K-TAINER Feyenoord-Eagles contest winner had been revealed, match day finally arrived on April the 19th. Go Ahead Eagles visited Feyenoord in the iconic stadium de Kuip, and our prize winner Fabian de Kluijver experienced the match live and in luxury, together with K-TAINER and his colleague Frank van Buren.

Although the match itself ended in disappointment for Feyenoord fans - the score at the final whistle 0-1 thanks to a Jules Reimerink goal – the experience of visiting the match and the Feyenoord Shipping Club was a one to be relished.


Fabian de Kluijver was revealed as the winner of the contest after his name was randomly drawn from a selection of people who had correctly answered the contest question by naming Henk Warnas as the legendary former Go Ahead Eagles player who started his career at Feyenoord. The drawing was performed by Feyenoord Sales Manager Peter Brunings. The contest was a way for K-TAINER to give something back to its relations.

Aside from the match itself, the contest winner and his companion visited the Feyenoord Shipping Club together with K-TAINER. The Shipping Club is a platform for local harbor-related companies to get and stay in contact with one another in an informal and fun way. K-TAINER has been a part of the Feyenoord Shipping Club since 2007, so should you run into us there don't be afraid to come over and say hi!