Winner of the K-TAINER Tour de France Contest – Hielke Visser


During the last Tour de France, K-TAINER hosted a contest, the stakes being a folding bike! To win, all you had to do was guess correctly the winning time of the ninth stage of the Tour de France 2016.

At the moment Tom Dumoulin crossed the finish the clock was set at five hours, sixteen minutes, and twenty-four seconds. The Dutchman had climbed the Andorra Arcalis solo and finished in style. On the slopes of the Arcalis, Dumoulin managed to solidify his lead, braving hail in the meantime.


The winner of the contest was also a Dutchman: Hielke Visser, who predicted the winning time only nine seconds off the mark.


Hielke found the contest after googling for the Tour de France online. "Even though I'm not a customer of K-TAINER, I'm very happy to win this bike," he writes to us. "As has happened in several Tours in the past, I can now take my bike into the train!"


 Here at K-TAINER, we wish Hielke the best of travels with his new bike!