Winter edition of the Containerbar


In our previous newsletter we shared with you the hope that the pop-up container bar which brightened up Noordplein in Rotterdam for two weeks during August would soon return. We're happy to report that this will indeed be the case, and we won't have to wait very long, because the container bar will in fact open today!

The building of the bar will commence yesterday (the 7th of December 2016), and no time will be wasted! The location is the same, Noordplein in Rotterdam, and the bar will be open for four days in the week for the next four weeks.


As the temperature has dropped, the peaks on the Christmas trees have risen, as has the quality of the freshly grilled burgers and doughnuts (Not a donut, but oliebol - a local delicacy). For those that are cold there will be heaters for you to cower under, and if that’s not enough you can try the local Glühwein and coffee. If you crave instead the cold, you can try a delicious Warsteiner to freshen you up. This year’s summer edition of the Container Bar was blessed with great weather, and at least for the next few days yet again great weather for the time of the year is anticipated. Although the sun’s warm rays are very welcome, here at K-TAINER we do secretly hope for some snow during the holidays!


Last time, initiator Frankie Dros expressed the wish to keep the bar open next time for a longer period, and that’s certainly happening for this winter edition! The runtime has doubled to four weeks! You can visit the bar from Thursday to Sunday from Dec the 8th to the first of January, entrance is completely free! We hope to see you there!