Container Sales & Rental

Locally and Worldwide

Container Sales

Container for sale

If you are looking for an expert in container sales you came to the right website. We sell both new and used containers always with the highest quality.

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Container Rental

Rent a container

Through K-tainer you can rent containers for short or long periods. The option to buy after renting is also possible.

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Container Modification

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities to modify a container to your wishes are endless. See what we can do for you concerning container modifications here.

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Container Transport

Where should it go?

K-tainer could arrange transports to the place your container is needed, this could be anywhere in the world. How can we help you?

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K-tainer One-Way Transport

We are Lean & Green

Free use of a shipping container, with all the financial and ecological benefits that come with it? It's possible!

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Your Container customized

Ranging from Workplaces to Festival Bars

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