Container Cabotage
Container Cabotage

Container Cabotage

Aside from shipping container rental, K-tainer also offers up containers for cabotage. These are containers that would normally be transported empty, but are now offered for free use to select destinations.


Check our cabotage portal for potential options - free of charge!

It's possible! Free use of a shipping container, with all the financial and ecological benefits, such as CO2 reduction to improve your own CO2 footprint!

The advantages of a free account

  • Check the CO2 reduction of each route;
  • Receive e-mail updates with new available routes;
  • The account is always free.

The advantages of container cabotage

  • 30 days free use of the shipping containers, reducing your detention and demurrage costs;
  • CO2 reduction for your account;
  • Fast pick up from our empty container depots.
  • Transport your goods in the most eco-friendly way possible!


All of our containers are CSC-plated, wind and watertight and cargo worthy. They have a valid prefix and tested up to 30 tons.

In the past, most of our cabotage opportunities were centered around Rotterdam and Antwerp. Nowadays, K-tainer offers cabotage from far more locations, such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and many other locations. The full list of opportunities is available on demand.

Are you interested in using a shipping container for free? Call or email us, we'd be happy to help you with all your questions about container cabotage!

What are you looking for container?

To give you even better service you can directly select below your container
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