Container Transport
Container Transport

Container Transport

K-tainer can get your container to wherever it is needed most. Whether it be transport by truck, railroad or ship - we will always find the best and most effective solution for your container! K-tainer offers shipping container transport worldwide.


We are happy to rise to the challenge of transporting your container(s) from point A to B according to your wishes. You can also come to us for extraordinary loads that have to be loaded with, for example, crane or reach truck. And we don't even sweat about loading or discharging containers onto chassis or trailers.


We happily assist with moving your goods across the globe, and can assist in customs related issues, such as ensuring you are in possession of the correct documents and paperwork.


We will take care of all of these problems for you! Contact our team to find out how we can help you!


The shipping containers can be delivered worldwide, and all containers sent out by K-tainer are fully inspected before delivery by an independent expert as a standard, to guarantee that they contain a valid CSC* or ACEP** code as laid down in the International Security Standard for Containers. This guarantees that the safety and quality meet the international standards, so you always get what you paid for.


*CSC - Convention for Safe Containers
** ACEP - Approved Continuous Examination Program serves to ensure the safe treatment of shipping containers and protect the people handling them. The ACEP contains CSC for regular inspection and testing of the relevant shipping containers.


Our containers are new or used standard containers built according to DIN ISO 1496.

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