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Once every two years, all of transporting Europe meets up at the largest transport convention of Europe. Hosted in Munich, Transport Logistic is the world's leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, and functions as the platform for the worldwide logistics and transport industry.

Transport Logistic was last held in May 2015, and saw over two thousand exhibitors from 62 countries. These entered into conversation with over 55.000 visitors from no less than 124 countries! K-TAINER naturally took part! Every even year, the Neue Messe München hosts an Asian variant of the fair in Shanghai.



As usual, this year's fair will be held in the Neue Messe München, and is held once every two years. This edition will be open from the 9th to the 12th of May, and just like two years ago K-TAINER will be represented by Fred Tobbe! Fred is looking forward to meeting you at the fair, don't hesitate to approach him should you run into him!

When a container trading company like us mentions reduction CO2, you're probably inclined to think we're talking about reducing our CO2 emissions during transport. At K-TAINER we think this is very important, true, but today we're talking about something else entirely! We are particularly proud to inform you that one of our 40ft High Cube containers is part of a prototype of experimental technology that captures CO2 directly from the air.

Literally the container forms the basis of the device, which was built by an innovative Swiss company. Our customer chose us because of our Lean & Green certification, proof of our efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions across our company. K-TAINER was asked if we could, within a strict time frame, modify the container to specifications and deliver it on location in Switzerland, where the country's largest mobile crane placed the container on top of a 25 meter high facility.


K-TAINER is immensely proud to be able to participate in reducing CO2 in the world in this manner. To be continued!


K-TAINER has a wide range of new and used reefers. Customers can choose from various sizes, 10, 20 and 40ft, with various refrigeration/freezing systems, including highly energy-efficient Starcool SCI20/40.

Benefits of using Star Cool SCI20/40:

  • Lowest energy consumption in the reefer market, capped at 16 amp.
  • Lowest unit weight and will help you to reduce your CO2 emissions from reefer operation.
  • Vacuum protection, prevents implosion danger during many door openings when reefer unit is active
  • Lowest noise pollution
  • Superior operator interface and advanced humidity management
  • Highest power factor
  • The unit us designed to maintain cargo temperatures in a range: from -25°Cel to +25°Cel
  • Fresh air ventilation solutions
  • The cooling and heating system operate on refrigerant R134a.

And, K-TAINER stock all major brands: Carrier, Thermo King, Star Cool and Daikin. We can immediately supply from stock and distinguish ourselves through our competitive prices.



We will be gladly discuss the solution we can provide to meet your refrigeration needs.

At K-TAINER we strive to meet all of your shipping container demands. Whether you want to turn a container into a bus, bar or a house; We are there for you. However we also understand that sometimes you just want to use a container for what its purpose-built: shipping or storing stuff!

In this case we also want to be there for you, and because we like to think big, we'd love to offer some of our largest containers to you, with an additional discount this summer. Respond quickly, as our stock is limited!
45ft. pallet wide high cube container - K-TAINER


Our 45 ft. Pallet-Wide High Cube Containers offer space to 33 euro pallets, already 6 more than fit into the standard 45 ft. Containers! Naturally, like you’re used to from us, every K-TAINER container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety.


For more information, please visit our 45ft. pallet wide high cube container page




This may sound odd with spring in full swing and summer ahead, but for K-TAINER the beach season has already ended! For many years now, K-TAINER has provided containers to several beach club organizations, who use the containers to store their business during the cold months. We asked one of them to write in their own words about their partnership with us.

"We are a company bound by season, so every year we hire containers to store our beach club. For years now we've opted to work with K-TAINER. It's a pleasant company to work with, and because of the close and direct contact we can act quickly and practically.

"Every year we rent about 5 or 6 containers for all sorts of material that require safe storage in the winter months. These are always in stock and are delivered according to our wishes. When March comes, we contact K-TAINER about collection of the containers. They are flexible and because of the pleasant contact a bond of great mutual trust has been built. We'd love to use their services for many more years!"

In our last newsletter we announced that K-TAINER would be offering a container bar up for rent. At the writing of the current newsletter, modifications have finished and our very own K-TAINER Event Container is in use at an event in Rotterdam! The Event Container has been fitted with LED lighting, power sockets, and several hatches, enabling full contact with the outside world of your choosing!

Our K-TAINER Event Container is available for hire, but if you're looking for a different solution, we've got you covered. We were contacted recently by an organization who had read our newsletter and was interested in a more permanent solution for a competitive price. In the end, they purchased a second-hand container which was then modified along similar lines to be suitable as an Event Container. We at K-TAINER were happy to help this customer find their specific solution, and on the 27th of April their very own Event Container was delivered into service in Noord-Holland!

Evenementencontainer - K-TAINER


As you know, the container is a versatile piece of equipment, and K-TAINER is eager to help you find the right solution to your specific challenges! Be it a container bar, restaurant, library bus, house, or anything at this point, really - don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you!



The shipping container's DV variant - which stands for Dry Van - is easily the most common shipping container, and well-equipped for safe and dry storage or transportation of your goods by road, railway, or water. This type of container has been built to withstand all types of weather conditions and was designed to contain dry goods such as boxes, cartons, bales, pallets, barrels, etcetera.

The 20 ft. DV container is flexible and durable. K-TAINER offers this variant in various colours and models. The containers can be delivered worldwide and each container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety and ensures you always get your money's worth. Our containers are new or used standard containers built according to DIN ISO 1496.



Feel free to contact us for more information, or visit our 20 ft. container page.

When it comes to finding just the right solution to your logistic problems, we at K-TAINER strive to offer the highest quality. This is why, when you come to us with an unusual request, we try to meet you in as many ways as possible - for instance if you wish to use shipping containers to build a house, pop-up store or bar. Our latest product is a fitting example of this: the K-TAINER Container Bar!

Have you always wanted to experience what it's like to have your very own pop-up bar, but are you not willing to purchase, store - and of course remodel your own container? For containers are versatile, but they need to be adjusted to truly be able to serve as a bar - think things like a counter, or two. K-TAINER has got you covered! Our very own for rent Container Bar is currently in the workshop and will be available for renting as from mid March 2017!


With the K-TAINER Container Bar, you can set up your own café or restaurant in a jiffy, and wherever you need it - whether it's the parking lot of your company, or in the smack middle of town. The Container Bar has been fitted with LED lighting on the inside and plenty of power sockets to fit your needs. There are two large hatches which can be opened to serve as counter and connect you to the outside world, and there's a back door for easy access. Naturally the main container doors are also still available, ensuring you can easily load in your equipment and supplies.


Should you instead be in search of a more permanent solution, we have the experience to help you! For more information, please contact us!

Since containers are so versatile, you can probably easily picture them in different circumstances, such as in the rain on a boat, or rushing by on top of a speeding train at a railroad crossing. One place you probably wouldn't picture a container is inside an office, yet the front of a K-TAINER shipping container now proudly adorns the Dutch office of EKB Container Logistik!

Specially designed to withstand all the weather mother nature can throw at them, containers are mostly used for heavy, utilitarian duties, of course headed by transport and storage. Because of their resilience containers are very well-suited for up-cycling - but even the most unconventional uses of containers often utilize their strength and durability; such as use as a frame for a home, or as you can read elsewhere in this newsletter, a bar. However, not every single use of a container has to do with strength: sometimes it's the characteristic appearance that's used.


The shipping container is one of the most recognizable shapes in the logistic world, and is therefore sometimes used purely for its esthetic or symbolic value. For example, in front of the K-TAINER headquarters stands a statue that was once a proud shipping container. And now, part of a container can also be found in the Dutch office of EKB Container Logistik. We hope the ladies and gentlemen of the Bergambacht office will enjoy their new, stylish ornament!

Since about the 1830s, shipping containers have been used as a way to easily transport multiple goods in a single package, rather than separately loading all of the individual items of a cargo onto a ship. Back then containers were produced mostly out of wood and were not suited for the stacking of one upon the other. The stackable container as we know it first appeared around the time of the Second World War, but was still more limited in application. Nowadays shipping containers can be found worldwide, and allow for easy transport by rail, road, or water.

In recent years the container has been refined and adjusted in many ways to meet more and more specific demands, and their applications reach above and beyond mere shipping and storage. More and more people are coming to realize that shipping containers new and old have many diverse applications when a little creativity is applied, and can often provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to existing solutions. Here at K-TAINER we have experience with such matters: we've helped realize various different projects such as a shipping container house, a bar, a restaurant, and even a library bus. Yet these are not the only possibilities for providing a container with a second life.


For instance, containers are perfectly suitable for use as a swimming pool. With a little bit of ingenuity, a container can be transformed in a relatively short time and for a competitive price into a relocatable place to cool down in during hot summer days. Should you wish to move around, a container could also be altered into a camper in which you can comfortably explore the world. More and more holiday parks convert used shipping containers into holiday homes to offer comfortable and practical sleeping space where needed.







Nowadays, shops, homes, offices and even hotels are by no means new territory for the shipping container, nor are they for K-TAINER. Should you have an idea or question, no matter how far-fetched, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here for you!

If you're reading this, you're sure to know that shipping containers are exceptionally well-suited for the storage of various goods. Here at K-TAINER we take pride in finding suitable answers to your specific challenges, such as helping you find the proper storage solutions for the tires or wheels of your cars. For this reason we now offer containers that have been specially modified for the storage of tires.

Our specialized tire containers are fitted as standard with three-layer tire racks. These racks are adjustable in height and can carry up to two hundred kilograms per layer. This ensures that the 20 ft. shipping containers have space for up to about 174 tires, an amount which is doubled for the 40 ft. variants. The containers can be adjusted specifically for your needs with the desired number of tire racks, lighting, and are fitted with a lock case. This to ensure that K-TAINER tire containers are the ideal way to neatly store your, for example, summer or winter tires.


Like all other K-TAINER shipping containers, each container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety. Our containers consist of new or used standard containers built according to DIN ISO 1496.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

Last update; As we have announced in earlier editions in our newsletters : K-tainer is one of the proud sponsors from the "Van Velsen Rally Sport Team".


Below a last update from the "Van Velsen Rally Sport Team", with information before the rally is going to start definitely on the 2nd of January 2017.


K-tainer wishes all teams a good journey, a sportive and successful rally and a return in good health.


Tuesday 27th of December 2016 Bas, Jan, Rachel & Aad will depart by plain to travel from Brussel via Madrid to Buenos Aires. Planned arrival Wednesday 28th to continue the trip via Bus to the Port. (about 1 hour drive) to collect the truck and drive to Paraguay, which is a trip from about 1250 KM. In Asuncion they will be joined by Jos, Arie & Charl.


Jan 2nd 2017 finally they will start for a new en adventurous trip.


The organization revealed on 23rd November 2016 in Paris the route en further details about the rally. "This will be the toughest DAKAR in years, and for sure on South-American Soil" as told by the Race leader Marc Coma.


The 316 Bikes, quads, cars & trucks who start on Jan 2nd 2017, will face in 12 stages about 9000 kilometers, of which more than 4000 kilometers against the clock. The edition 2017 starts in Paraguay, the 29th country in the history of the DAKAR en goes via the Bolivian Capital city La Paz to Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina will be the finish on 14th of January 2017. "it will be a journey full of contrasts" spoke the DAKAR-director Etienne Lavigne. " the contesters leave from Asuncion in a tropical climate of about 40 degrees Celsius. But a few days later they will be faced with temperatures around freezing point, on the high lands of Bolivia. The contrast will be also in the height visible. We go from Sea level to heights of about 5000 Meters, We stay about a week on a height of 3000 Meter. The DAKAR 2017 is Four dimensional.

Complete new routes on the program, with Sand and Dunes. For everybody a surprise. The high light will be Super Belen, three days before the finish, with a 400 Kilometer off-piste. Without doubt the so-called "KONINGINNENRIT of this Dakar"

Management and staff of K-TAINER wish you and your colleagues a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and healthy 2017.

For K-TAINER 2016 meant a year of progress. We attained even greater knowledge with the employment of our new colleagues Christina Andreasen and Arjan Bresijn and that means added value for our clients. At the procedural side, K-TAINER's new and customized software will further enhance our service level. This year we also invested in securing regular availability of standard 20' and 40' High Cube containers and other specific container types to better serve our customers.



With this year's investments in place and finding their stride, 2017 will be a year of even greater progress and success, and look forward to working together with you to ensure this. 


By obtaining the 'Lean and Green Award' K-TAINER has taken significant strides towards a bright future. By taking deliberate steps we are constantly growing towards a higher level of sustainability, which not only reduce costs for you and us, but simultaneously reduce environmental impact for everyone.



On the threshold of the new year we like to thank you for the trust placed in us and the productive cooperation. We couldn’t have done it without you!

In our previous newsletter we shared with you the hope that the pop-up container bar which brightened up Noordplein in Rotterdam for two weeks during August would soon return. We're happy to report that this will indeed be the case, and we won't have to wait very long, because the container bar will in fact open today!

The building of the bar will commence yesterday (the 7th of December 2016), and no time will be wasted! The location is the same, Noordplein in Rotterdam, and the bar will be open for four days in the week for the next four weeks.


As the temperature has dropped, the peaks on the Christmas trees have risen, as has the quality of the freshly grilled burgers and doughnuts (Not a donut, but oliebol - a local delicacy). For those that are cold there will be heaters for you to cower under, and if that’s not enough you can try the local Glühwein and coffee. If you crave instead the cold, you can try a delicious Warsteiner to freshen you up. This year’s summer edition of the Container Bar was blessed with great weather, and at least for the next few days yet again great weather for the time of the year is anticipated. Although the sun’s warm rays are very welcome, here at K-TAINER we do secretly hope for some snow during the holidays!


Last time, initiator Frankie Dros expressed the wish to keep the bar open next time for a longer period, and that’s certainly happening for this winter edition! The runtime has doubled to four weeks! You can visit the bar from Thursday to Sunday from Dec the 8th to the first of January, entrance is completely free! We hope to see you there!

K-TAINER - Containerbar 2016


A house constructed from containers is perhaps not common, but it is ecologically and economically responsible. We touched the topic of container houses briefly in the Summer edition of our newsletter, and this was of course for a reason!

At the time of our writing, exactly a dozen of our containers are being transformed from shipping utilities to a fully functional home at a beautiful location in Northern France.


Shipping containers are built specifically to withstand all types of weather and are therefore very suitable to make up a solid frame for many types of construction. By now we at K-TAINER have experience with upcycling containers for various purposes, such as a restaurant, bar, storage, or even a library bus! Yet even for us a house is new. We are delighted that so many of our containers find a new life and purpose rather than be turned to scrap, and hope in this form they can keep people happy and remain useful!


As soon as our containers have been turned, they will make up a large, modern, energy-saving and green house for a five-part family. The house is currently in full construction and we hope we can show you the finished result soon!

K-TAINER - Container huis



Beauty remains in the eye of the beholder. Whilst some people prefer delicate tables from (for instance) Duffy London or sensitive vases richly adorned, here at K-TAINER we sometimes opt for the utilitarian look.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones, because for the second year in a row K-TAINER will be attending the Milano Design Week.


Also known as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano or the Milan Furniture Fair – the Milano Design Week is the largest trade fair of its kind in the world. It is internationally recognized as the platform for designers of furniture, lighting, and other home furnishes to expose their creations to the world. First held in 1961, the fair has a regular audience of over a quarter million home styling enthusiasts.


Last year K-TAINER’s logistics provided the characteristic look and utility for the bar and the restaurant of the concept. We provided the intermodal solutions for a renowned catering company, and this year will be no different! As a partnership this will be our third outing, having also worked together to introduce the concept to Sweden this year. We are always looking to conduct our business as green as possible, and in doing so will contribute to the sustainable character of our client, who mostly specializes in offering delicious and sustainable vegan delicacies on location.

K-TAINER @ Milano Design Week 2016

If you've been on the telly with the K-TAINER headquarters lately, chances are you've had the pleasure of making their acquaintance already, but just to be on the safe side we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce not one, but two of our new colleagues to you! In the second half of 2016 Christina and Arjan have reinforced the K-TAINER team!

Good form dictates that ladies go first, so we begin with Christina Andreasen. This Danish dame has been living in the Netherlands for over thirteen years now, a migration originally instigated by love. After graduating from the IBMS at Hogeschool Rotterdam she's worked for Triton Containers for over nine years, and here at K-TAINER she puts that experience to use for your and our benefit. She adores animals and loves cooking, and on top if that she enjoys the whining howl of a Formula One engine! Despite her Danish roots she herself is rooting for a Max Verstappen championship in the coming year!


Our second new colleague is called Arjan Bresijn, and he's been active in the container world since 1993. After having worked as barge planner he attained the function of container seller in the year 2000, and since 2015 he's been mainly focussed on selling reefer containers. Since then he's learned all there is to know about reefer containers, and since October it's this experience that he brings to the table at K-TAINER: he's our resident reefer container expert!


When he's not thinking about cooling containers, he can be found in the local Cinema, his 2nd home. Especially SF and western movies from the top directors are his favourites, so prepare yourself for sharp dialogue should you encounter him on the phone!


Our employees are always ready for you! For contact information of Arjan, Christina, or our other employees please view our site employeepage.

Ten years ago the very first container sent to South-Africa by K-TAINER was destined for family van der Kraak.

A good associate of ours recommended K-TAINER to us. We enjoyed our contact and purchased a second hand container of good quality.


Before the shipping could occur, a lot of paper work had to be done.


A pack list, a bill of lading... and more terms that were – at the time- not quite familiar to us. Fortunately the people at K-TAINER were willing and able to guide us through the process. The container arrived in excellent condition, even the glasses were intact!


A few years later the family moved house and office. This meant that in the end, they had need of two more containers. Fortunately, they knew where to turn!


We were happy to work with K-TAINER again. By now we were familiar with the paperwork, but it was a comforting thought to have people with experience overseeing things. A few years, and a few containers have passed since then. We ordered our latest container this week for a family member who's coming this way – he's also bringing along furniture and personal effects.


Once here, the container will be used as storage. Pretty soon we're going to tidy up our storage, and our employees can take effects that have been left in the containers and aren't being used anymore. This practise is much appreciated, and we always make sure to take some extra things from Holland for this purpose.


Goodbye from sunny South-Africa!

Familie Van der Kraak


Last year K-TAINER attended Intermodal Europe in Hamburg. This year around the travel time will be drastically shorter as the event will be hosted by Ahoy Rotterdam from the 15th to the 17th of November 2016.


About five thousand participants are expected to take part in the traditionally open-to-public conferences, which provide ample opportunity to enter into conversation with market and opinion leaders. Because of this, the event offers a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to showcase themselves, do business, and engage in networking.


"For K-TAINER, Intermodal Europe 2016 is a great opportunity to personally meet up with our friends in the industry," according to K-TAINER owner Kees Kamerling. "Of course we will also be looking for new clients and suppliers to expand our network in the best possible way!"


"This yearly event is very interesting to K-TAINER. That said, the run time is relatively short – so in order to engage everyone in conversation we have to create a tight schedule. The planning for an Intermodal Europe always starts immediately after the summer holidays."


In addition to meeting people face to face at Intermodal Europe 2016, Kees Kamerling also hopes to be able to welcome friends at the K-TAINER headquarters. "Since we operate out of Rotterdam, and many industry players will be present at Intermodal Europe 2016 in Rotterdam, this year's event creates a unique opportunity to hopefully show our friends where it is that the magic happens."


We hope to meet you this year at Intermodal Europe 2016!


Since July the first of 2016, new legislation concerning the registration of container weight and its contents has become binding. This amendment of SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) was made by the International Maritime Organization to ensure that every container and its contents has its proper weight registered.

This information is vital when it comes to the safety of personnel and products, particularly when it pertains to stacking and shipping of containers. Containers that don't have a valid weight registration will not be allowed to be loaded onto ships where SOLAS applies.



The Safety of Life at Sea convention is the most important international treaty in use, and was put into life in 1914 after the Titanic disaster in 1912.


When required and requested, we at K-TAINER can produce the official weight registration for units supplied by K-tainer to you.


During the last Tour de France, K-TAINER hosted a contest, the stakes being a folding bike! To win, all you had to do was guess correctly the winning time of the ninth stage of the Tour de France 2016.

At the moment Tom Dumoulin crossed the finish the clock was set at five hours, sixteen minutes, and twenty-four seconds. The Dutchman had climbed the Andorra Arcalis solo and finished in style. On the slopes of the Arcalis, Dumoulin managed to solidify his lead, braving hail in the meantime.


The winner of the contest was also a Dutchman: Hielke Visser, who predicted the winning time only nine seconds off the mark.


Hielke found the contest after googling for the Tour de France online. "Even though I'm not a customer of K-TAINER, I'm very happy to win this bike," he writes to us. "As has happened in several Tours in the past, I can now take my bike into the train!"


 Here at K-TAINER, we wish Hielke the best of travels with his new bike!


A temporary bar built from sea containers? From the 25th of August and until the 4th of September, the place to be was the Noordplein in Rotterdam. Organized by Frankie Dros and his sister Tahnée, several K-TAINER containers were transformed into a bar – and an amazing time was had!

Blessed with beautiful weather, the Containerbar hosted a delightful after-summer party that put a lot of emphasis on local products, such as foodstuffs from the adjacent Zwartjanstraat. That meant delicious hamburgers, Turkish toast, cocktails, coconut water, and cold beer!


The runtime of two weeks was a little bit on the brief side, according to Frankie – and here at K-TAINER we agree. If it's up to him, the Containerbar will certainly not have been a singular event, but will return again next summer - bigger and for a longer time. In Frankie's mind the event will develop to be an alternative for events such as Biergarten, hosted elsewhere in the city.


One thing is for sure, here at K-TAINER we are proud to have been able to help realize the Containerbar – and if it's up to us, we'll be there again next year! 




K-TAINER is proud to announce that on May 26th of this year we have received a Lean & Green Award! This means that K-TAINER has formulated a Plan of Action that will cumulate in reducing our CO2 production in 2017 with 20% compared to five years ago!


Lean & Green is a stimulating programme for smart, durable and social mobility. Receiving the Lean & Green Award means recognition for our efforts to do our business in a durable and green manner, and we’re rather proud of it!



The container industry isn’t one particularly known for its consideration of the environment. Companies are often scared off by the potential costs of reducing CO2 emissions, but K-TAINER hopes to have shown that not all change and adaptation requires a spending investment. Some of the measures K-TAINER has taken to decrease our ecological footprint are: using clean lease cars, decreasing the home to work driving distance of our employees, and lowering our operational travel distance. With these changes we’ve already saved a lot of CO2 from being released into the world, and for that we’ve been rewarded with the Lean & Green Personal Mobility Award.


K-TAINER will try to green up every single part of their business, every single year. Though the Lean & Green Award shows us we’re on the right path, we will constantly keep looking for ways to further reduce our CO2 emissions. The 20% norm required for the Lean & Green Star is not a finish line for us, but merely a starting point. By attuning every aspect of our operational process to be as durable as possible, K-TAINER wants to take a leading role in the industry in regards to doing business in a green and durable fashion. In fact, we’ll even go one further: our goal is to be the greenest player in the industry, while maintaining our hallmark quality and competitive pricing.




For you, occupied and expensive parking spaces and time consuming traffic jams might just become a thing of the past! With an incredibly useful folding bike, useful in the trunk of a car or in a train, you could easily and healthily get to where you need to go – and you could secretly partake in the cycling season! The best news of all? You can win one now at K-TAINER!

Here at K-TAINER, we will be following the Tour de France closely, and we’d like to do it together with you! Being able to cycle yourself is something we’d love to help you do, and that’s why we think of the coming Tour as the ideal time to give away a folding bike! Of course, we would like something in return from you, specifically the time with which you think the winner of the 9th stage of the Tour de France 2016 will finish.


The Question:

What time will be set by the winner of the 9th stage of the Tour de France 2016?


HPlease record your answers down to the seconds. The contestant whose answer is closest to the actual winning time shall be the proud owner of his or her folding bike!


Participation is possible until the 8th of July, 2016, 17:00. Winners shall be contacted personally by K-TAINER. We shall not correspond about the result of the contest individually. Send the anwser to info@k-tainer.eu


Attention: Only participants with an address in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium or Germany can partake.

Aside from participating in the Lean & Green Programme, K-TAINER is coming up all green in other ways as well. As one might imagine, shipping containers are built to withstand every and all conditions of weather, and this makes them very much suited for up-cycling.

This means finding alternative functional uses for products that would be otherwise tossed or destroyed. In this case, it specifically means transforming a container into a house!



The avid reader will remember that K-TAINER already has experience with these kind of projects; a while ago one of our containers was turned into a library bus! A house, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Once our containers have been remodelled they will make for a large, green, modern and durable house in a beautiful location somewhere in Europe. Because the containers already exist, the project is affordable and can be realized in a very quick time indeed.


Eager to see a finished, luxurious container house? Check out this place out in Denver, Colorado!


At K-TAINER we strive to meet all of your shipping container demands. Please know when you want to turn a container into a bus, restaurant or a house, we will be there for you. However we also understand that sometimes you just want to use a container for what it's purpose-built: shipping stuff.

In this case we also want to be there for you, and because we like to think big, we'd love to offer some of our largest containers to you, with an added discount this summer. Respond quickly, for our supply is limited!


Our 45 ft. Pallet-Wide High Cube Containers offer space to the meaty amount of 33 euro pallets, already 6 more than fit into the standard 45 ft. Containers! Naturally, like you’re used to from us, every K-TAINER container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety.


More information: 45ft. pallet wide high cube container page


K-TAINER and the Milan Design Week, a combination which perhaps might cause you to raise your eyebrows, and you'd be forgiven if it did. The Milan Design Week is the most prestigious design event in the world, but at K-TAINER we're nothing if not versatile, and so we were present!

To keep transport as green as possible, one of our clients sought our assistance in finding a suitable logistic solution for moving their containers to Italy and back.


This caterer is a highly professional organisation dedicated to providing events with delicious vegan food. For the Milan Design Week they built a high quality food & design environment in the Ventura Lambrate area, run out of several containers.

Saturday the 16th of April was the day of the thirty-sixth edition of Feyenoord – FC Groningen, and we were there! Expectations were high at the home club, because Feyenoord hadn't had any particular trouble with their hosts in the past few years.

On top of that, with the cup final coming up in the next match, the team of manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst was in the middle of an excellent streak of results.


Despite all the former, it was Michael de Leeuw who opened the score for FC Groningen. Just like the away match earlier in the season he managed to slip a ball past goalie Kenneth Vermeer. Although Feyenoord has bought many players this season, the equalizer could be ascribed solely to players who’d risen through the ranks of the own youth academy. A wide cross from fan favourite Rick Karsdorp allowed Tonny Vilhena to head the ball into the net. That meant the 1-1, a result that would stay on the scoreboard that day. Despite the somewhat disappointing result, the consensus was that Feyenoord had played well. Another cause for celebration was found by K-TAINER’s very own Marco, for he was the proud winner of a jersey, signed by the home team.

In our ever-continuing search to offer you versatility and quality, K-TAINER now offers the patented Containerbrackets system by Tribute Space. They are available for purchase in conjunction with K-TAINER containers or separately.

This system is used to transform regular containers into containers with shelves with the greatest of ease, and in the span of several minutes. With this system, we offer even greater flexibility.


Both putting up the system and taking it down again can be done easily in but several minutes. The brackets are available in two variants; the wooden shelves and a special hang system designed to store long materials such as pipes and posts.


For more information, please feel free to contact us and ask about the new Containerbrackets system.


Instruction video (Dutch)


K-TAINER has recently acquired several brand new 20 ft. Containers, constructed according to DIN ISO 1496.

The containers are available in the colours blue and light grey, RAL colour codes 5010 and 7035 and are currently being shipped from the far east to Rotterdam. The containers are inexpensive and versatile, and of course available worldwide.


All containers sent out by K-TAINER are fully inspected by an independent expert as a standard, to guarantee that they contain a valid CSC-date. This guarantees that the safety and quality meet the international standards, so you always get what you paid for.


20ft. container

No matter how diverse your needs, at K-TAINER we strive to meet and exceed them – and flexibility is but one thing we offer. We have containers available for rent for the long or the short term with favourable conditions. The lease purchase of a container is also an option. K-TAINER always maintains a supply of containers, so if you need a solution fast, we are there for you.

Our containers are available worldwide and can be modified to fit your needs and fly your colours and logo. Our containers are ideal for export and storage, and are always inspected by an independent expert.


Are you also looking for affordable containers of international quality? Feel free to contact us for more information, or visit our website.

At K-TAINER we always strive to meet all your needs. We offer a broad variety of containers so that you always have the right container for your shipment or storage.

20 ft. Bulk Container

The K-TAINER Bulk Container is one of our most popular products. Bulk containers are special in that they were designed specifically for specifically transporting bulk goods, such as spice or grain. Bulk Containers have manholes on top, which allows for easy loading of goods, and thanks to a clever hatch they can be unloaded at a whim simply by tipping the container.


Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit our 20 ft. bulk container page.


45 ft. Pallet Wide Containers

The largest container in our assortment is the 45 ft. Pallet Wide Container. This variant offers up to 33 euro pallets, which is six more than regular 45 ft. containers. As with every container, the 45 ft. Pallet Wide is suited for transportation by road, railway, or water.


Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit our 45ft pallet wide high cube container page.


20 ft. en 40 ft. Reefer Containers

Reefer Containers are special containers which operate using a cooling unit. This guarantees that the temperature of your cargo is set to your needs, making the container ideally suited for transporting delicate goods that require a fixed temperature. The containers are available in both the 20 ft. and 40 ft. High Cube variant, and are available worldwide.


Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit our:

20 ft. containers page

40 ft. containers page


All containers sent out by K-TAINER are fully inspected by an independent expert as a standard, to guarantee that they contain a valid CSC-date. This guarantees that the safety and quality meet the international standards, so you always get what you paid for.

On the 16th of January, a nearly indestructible GINAF truck successfully finished the Dakar Rally 2016 in Rosario, Argentina. It was driven by Aad van Velsen of the 'van Velsen Rally Sport Team' and supported by K-TAINER.

The podium festivities had already ended, but with finishing anything but a guarantee for indeed any contestant, that didn't do anything to lessen the sense of accomplishment of finishing the toughest race in the world. The terrain itself was enough of a challenge, especially after heavy downpour caused much of the rally stage to wash away in the first few days. The team reached high ground in the literal sense as a later stage took them to around 4600 meters. Up that high, thin air caused problems for both machine and man. After the quick and the high tracks, the next stage finally took them to the dunes, where navigator Jos Schotanus really came into his own. The final stage was neutralized for most trucks in the end as the terrain had simply become truly and utterly impassable, which meant that the team had to reach Rosario via a massive detour, culminating in a somewhat late arrival.


Despite the unfortunate circumstances towards the end, competing in the Dakar Rally was a dream come true for owner and driver Aad van Velsen. "We never could've achieved this result without our amazing team and all of our sponsors. Thank you all so much!" K-TAINER is very proud to have contributed to this massive achievement.


The next few weeks will contain a number of Dutch Holidays. The K-tainer office is closed these days.


On 24th and 31st of December 2015 our office will be closed at 14.00 hrs.


The next Dutch Holidays we are closed:

  • 25th and 26th December 2015 / Christmas
  • 1st of January 2016 / New Years Day


You can always contact us by E-mail.


If you've called our office in recent times, it's possible you might've noticed a new voice answering the phone. That voice belongs to the cheerful 50-year old Hans van de Pol, born in Zaanstad and now living in Zwijndrecht. He now works for K-TAINER since the first of October as business developer, and you can contact him for the renting and modification of containers amongst other things.

For his contactinformation and the information of our other employees, please visit our website at our contactspage.

K-TAINER has recently taken a number of 20-foot reefer containers into service. These containers possess a cooling unit and are therefore capable of transporting cargos which are sensitive to temperature. The containers have been fully renovated and painted in a stylish white.

The containers are available for delivery worldwide and as standard are fully checked before delivery to guarantee a valid CSC date. This ensures that the quality and safety of the container meet the international standards, so that you always receive quality containers. The bulk containers K-TAINER provides are either new or second-hand, and are built according to DIN ISO 1496.

Please contact us for more information, or visit the 20ft. Reefer page.


The versatile and affordable K-TAINER bulk containers are perfect for transporting bulk goods such as grain, spices, or comparable goods. The containers are available for delivery worldwide and as standard are fully checked before delivery to guarantee a valid CSC date. This ensures that the quality and safety of the container are up to the strict international standards. Because of this, you always receive quality containers.

Bulk containers are unique in that they contain manholes in the roof of the container, through which the container can be loaded. The unloading of the container can easily be done via a letterbox hatch at the front and unloading by means of a tipper chassis. The bulk containers K-TAINER provides are either new or second-hand, and are built according to DIN ISO 1496.


Please contact us for more information, or visit the 20ft. Bulk page.

The fortieth edition of Intermodal Europe was held this year in Hamburg, and as always the K-TAINER stand was open for business. Intermodal Europe is an annual event which strives to bring together professionals from the container, transport, and logistics industries. The event is known for its open-to-public conferences, which provide ample opportunity to enter into conversation with market and opinion leaders. Because of this, the event offers a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to showcase themselves, do business, and engage in networking.

During this year's event around five thousand people participated in the conversation. Together with K-TAINER, over a hundred worldwide suppliers from the industry were present to advertise their latest services and products.


Intermodal Europe will be coming to K-TAINER's home turf in 2016, with AHOY Rotterdam hosting the event from the 15th to the 17th of November. K-TAINER will be there, but please don't be shy to enter into conversation with us before then!

In our previous newsletter K-TAINER proudly announced participation in the Dakar Rally 2016, being involved in the 'van Velsen Rally Sport team'. On the sixth of November, the team officially presented themselves to sponsors and press at the A. van Velsen company in Stompwijk. Accompanied by festivities, everyone who helped in making the participation in the 2016 Dakar Rally a reality got to meet up with each other and get acquainted with the drivers, mechanics, and other crewmembers.

With the help of sponsors like K-TAINER preparations for the gruelling rally are in full flight. The team and their truck made their debut in the Oilibya Rally in Morocco, a five-day event which featured some of the terrain such as the teams will face in the Dakar Rally – and made for a fine warm up event. The competition was a success for the 'van Velsen Rally Sport' team; despite being only the first event in which the team competed they finished a respectable fourteenth place, leaving driver and initiator Aad van Velsen very content indeed about the team's performance.


The truck itself - nicknamed 'ons Blauwe Schatje' (our Blue Darling) - is a GINAF rally truck with some pedigree. It was built specifically for the Dakar Rally and even achieved a podium finish in 2010 as part of the 'GINAF Rally Power team', at the time driven by Marcel van Vliet. Since then, the truck has been extensively modified and improved by both the 'Mammoet Rally team' and the 'van Velsen Rally Sport team'. The team is confident of meeting their primary goal of finishing the race, a daunting task in itself considering the many dropouts each year.


The countdown ends on the 2nd of January 2016, when the Dakar Rally begins in Argentina. A lot of the team's countrymen will be joining them, with 14,4% of all contestants being Dutch.


The intermodal container has been in service since around 1930 for the use of transportation. Nowadays there are many different uses and variations of the intermodal container as we know it, and most of them involve transport by rail, road, sea, or air.


However, not all containers by far are used for transportation. Most people have heard of containers being used as (parts of) housing or office space, so for a container to serve as panorama deck might be passed off as very unexciting news indeed. However, when such a deck is placed atop a driving library, well, it becomes a different thing altogether!


In the City of Amsterdam a former K-TAINER container has recently found a new home. After faithfully transporting things for many years, the container has found a new job as panorama deck atop a driving library. Fitted with exquisitely comfortable pillows, gaping round windows, and to top it all off a ceiling with many brilliant lights, this deck represents the pinnacle of in-bus book reading relaxation.


The container has also been outfitted with a glass floor, so that readers can prey on the next target, located in the library below.






It took some patience and careful parking at the alternative parking sites, but the result was worth it: the parking lot at Zaltbommelstraat 10 has been quick on its way to becoming a more than representative parking.

Due to the swift and skillful labor of the construction crew the entire operation lasted but a few days, and the lot is seeing grateful use once more.





Although we always take special care of our products, containers will inevitably develop a worn look over time. However, some jobs require a particularly neat-looking, food-grade standard meeting container, and at K-TAINER we are happy to meet your demands.

At your request we will renovate your chosen containers specially for you, so that you can be assured your containers meet the food-grade standard.


If you are looking for guaranteed representable and food-grade standard containers, K-TAINER is the place to go!!



Container before


Container after


Ever since 1987 the Dakar Rally has earn renown as one of the toughest endurance races in the world. This ultimate battle of attrition of man and machine versus nature was waged this year by over six hundred people in over four hundred vehicles, including trucks, quads, motorcycles and cars.

For many years now the Dakar Rally has symbolized human determination and expertise under extreme circumstances, and it is for this reason that K-TAINER shall be entering the 2016 edition as a sponsor to 'Van Velsen Rally Sport'.


Although the race is called the Dakar Rally, after the Senegalese capital of Dakar, the race which is technically a Rally Raid has been held in South-America since 2009. It is no traditional rally in that it requires dedicated off-road vehicles rather than modified vehicles, and the terrain the participants traverse is much tougher than that of a traditional rally stage. The stages themselves hold different lengths, varying from short distances to up to around 550 miles per day. The harsh terrain and great distances demand the very best of the mighty machines and their pilots.


K-TAINER is proud to be a part of this epic competition, and feel confident that together we can produce a good result from the 'Van Velsen Rally Sport' Race Truck.


More information: VanVelsenRallySport.nl

Because sometimes fitting 27 euro pallets in a container just isn’t enough. For years now, we at K-TAINER have striven to meet all your container-related needs. In order to keep meeting your expectations, we’ve introduced a new container size to our assortment. In fact, it is the largest container we currently offer.

A regular width 45 foot container has space for up to twenty-seven euro pallets, our new Pallet Wide variant offers space for up to thirty-three euro pallets, an increase of around 22%.


We also offer a 40 ft. Pallet Wide variant, which also offers a sizable increase in possible pallet cargo: 20%. The Pallet Wide variant can easily be transported by road, rail, and water. The containers are originally from China and have recently found their way into our service.


More information: 45 ft. Pallet Wide High Cube Container

To further increase our share of responsibility in local talent and youth development, we've become a sponsor of PSV Poortugaal. We have outfitted the PSV Portugaal E2 team in brand new training suits.


At K-TAINER we believe in conducting our business responsibly, for ourselves and for our environment. Aside from our green environmental initiatives, we are already involved in football club SC Slikkerveer and Stichting Dada.



On Wednesday the 15th of April, the PSV Poortugaal E2 team came to visit the K-TAINER head office to show off their new outfits and deliver a photo collage of the new gear. Both teams then posed for an inspiring photo, proving that business and sport are an excellent match!

A month after the K-TAINER Feyenoord-Eagles contest winner had been revealed, match day finally arrived on April the 19th. Go Ahead Eagles visited Feyenoord in the iconic stadium de Kuip, and our prize winner Fabian de Kluijver experienced the match live and in luxury, together with K-TAINER and his colleague Frank van Buren. 

Although the match itself ended in disappointment for Feyenoord fans - the score at the final whistle 0-1 thanks to a Jules Reimerink goal – the experience of visiting the match and the Feyenoord Shipping Club was a one to be relished.


Fabian de Kluijver was revealed as the winner of the contest after his name was randomly drawn from a selection of people who had correctly answered the contest question by naming Henk Warnas as the legendary former Go Ahead Eagles player who started his career at Feyenoord. The drawing was performed by Feyenoord Sales Manager Peter Brunings. The contest was a way for K-TAINER to give something back to its relations.



Aside from the match itself, the contest winner and his companion visited the Feyenoord Shipping Club together with K-TAINER. The Shipping Club is a platform for local harbor-related companies to get and stay in contact with one another in an informal and fun way. K-TAINER has been a part of the Feyenoord Shipping Club since 2007, so should you run into us there don't be afraid to come over and say hi!

K-TAINER is proud to announce that we have delivered a number of brand new 45' pallet-wide high cube containers to G. van Doesburg. The containers have been converted to carry the G. van Doesburg company colours, and possess a K-TAINER prefix.

45’ pallet-wide high cube containerThe 45' pallet-wide container is the largest variant currently offered by K-TAINER, and offers space for up to thirty-three euro pallets, an increase of around 22% when compared to the regular 45' model. We wish many safe kilometers to G. van Doesburg and their new containers!


Also interested in our 45' pallet-wide high cube containers? Check our 45' pallet-wide high cube container page, or give us a ring!

Residents of the Rotterdam neighbourhood Heijplaat, which has been home to K-TAINER since October 2014, have spent three days in May celebrating the town’s one hundred year existence. Before K-TAINER moved to the Heijplaat, in fact a hundred and twelve years before, another company moved here: RDM. There was no neighbourhood back then, or indeed a village: it was until eleven years after their settlement in the area that RDM were given permission to build a town to house their employees. Thus the village of Heijplaat was born.

Heijplaat RotterdamDuring his planning, architect Baanders drew his inspiration from the British model villages. This style of planning stems from the eighteenth century and became popular amongst landowners and industrialists as a means to house their employees, often for a low rent. Although the villages were located close to the employers, they were often of a decent build quality and physically separated from the actual factories. The villages were often designed with integrated community buildings in mind, such as churches and shops. The same rang true for Heijplaat, which in its original planning consisted of 432 single family houses, and one each of a church, a school, a supermarket, bachelor house, store, laundry building, leisure building, and a pool which floated on the river Koedood.


Heijplaat celebrates hundred year anniversaryIn the month of May 2015, Heijplaat's residents and former residents organized a three day celebration of anniversary – a celebration open to anyone who's ever lived in the Heijplaat village. The celebrations featured many performances and the release of a book showcasing many photos of Heijplaat's hundred years existence.


Even though the fifteenth edition of the Munich-based Transport Logistic 2015 ironically suffered under the lengthiest German railway strike since 1994, visitor numbers reached record heights as over fifty-five thousand visitors from no less than 124 different countries found their way to the world famous trade fair. Amongst them was K-TAINER’s own Fred Tobbe.

Like all visitors, Fred had the chance to meet over two thousand exhibitors from sixty two countries. Every two years, countless themes important to the business are discussed, and the focus this year was greatly on the possibilities provided by digitalization in the industry. After a long but rewarding day, Fred said goodbye to the fair and spent the next day visiting FC Bayern Munich’s impressive Allianz Arena stadium.

Once there, he ran into Bayern Munich and Holland star footballer Arjen Robben, and subsequently honoured the Dutch player with a photo.

The next few weeks will contain a number of Dutch Holidays. The K-tainer office is closed these days. 

The next Dutch Holidays we are closed: 

  • April 27th King's Day
  • May 5th Liberation Day
  • May 14th Ascension
  • May 25th Pentecost


You can contact us by mail.

From the 5th to the 8th of May in 2015, Munich will be home to the biyearly exposition Transport Logistic. De expo traditionally focusses on global innovations and trends in the areas of logistic, IT, mobility, and Supply Chains. Transport Logistics boasts over two-thousand exhibitors and is expecting over 52.000 visitors. Naturally, K-TAINER will also be present, represented by Fred Tobbe.

A photo of Transport Logistic in 2013. Photograph: Messe München International.The event was first held in 1978 and has in recent years boasted a great amount of foreign visitors; the 2013 event saw over 45% of its visitors hailing from across the German border. Transport Logistic is organized by Messe München International, the owner of the Neue Messe München, where the event is held once every odd year. During the even years, a sister exposition dealing with the same subjects is organized in Shanghai: Transport Logistic China. The exposition aims chiefly at service providers and decision makers working in the transport sector.


Read more: Transportlogistic.de


Check the teaser on Youtube.

March came to a stormy end as a hefty storm wreaked havoc in our part of Europe. Germany suffered the brunt of the onslaught as the storm developed itself into a Hurricane in Germany. Hurricanes deserve a name, and the name given to this one was Niklas.

Despite staying relatively civil during its visit to Holland, achieving "only" wind speeds up to 120 km/h, Niklas caused a fair amount of damage, and more than a startle to the crew of one container ship in particular.


The Sea Land Meteor, sporting the Hong Kong flag, was merrily on its way from the Rotterdam Harbor to Antwerp when it was blown off course and eventually beached near Vlissingen. There were no injuries reported amongst the crew, and only a minor delay was suffered thanks to a timely rescue around 10 am, only several hours after the beaching. The damage wasn't limited to the sea, for several terminals in the Rotterdam Harbor reported material damage when the wind blew containers out of place. Fortunately no injuries were reported, and no major delay was suffered.


Luckily, Niklas didn't damage any K-TAINER products.

The ship Sea Land Meteor, marooned by Vlissingen. Foto by Ernst Jan Rozendaal. The effect a true storm can have on containers, foto by Heijplaat.com

Because sometimes fitting 27 euro pallets in a container just isn't enough. For years now, we at K-TAINER have striven to meet all your container-related needs. In order to keep meeting your expectations, we've introduced a new container size to our assortment, in fact the largest container we offer currently.

New 45 ft. Pallet Wide High Cube Containers in full glory. Photo by K-TAINER.A regular width 45 foot container has space for up to twenty-seven euro pallets, our new Pallet Wide variant offers space for up to thirty-three euro pallets, an increase of around 22%.


We also offer a 40 ft. Pallet Wide variant, which also offers a sizable increase in possible pallet cargo: 20%. The Pallet Wide variant can easily be transported by road, rail, and water. The containers are originally from China and have recently found their way into our service.


More information? Visit our 45ft. pallet wide high cube container page. 

For the Dutch, the 27th of March already was a date associated with disaster, since the river Merwede broke through the dyke at Hardinxveld in the year 1709, resulting in the near complete flooding of a part of the Netherlands called the Alblasserwaard. In 2015 yet another disaster was added to the history of this date – a disaster of similar or perhaps greater scale according to some.. 

Power outage or no, work goes on at K-TAINER!When a malfunction in a power station in Diemen caused a major power outage, cutting off tens of thousands. Whilst hordes of youngsters tried, and failed, desperately to connect to their Wifi networks, businesses from Amsterdam to Rotterdam were making efforts to continue operating despite the lack of functioning electricity.


As Twitter exploded by means of #stroomstoring, Dutch for power outage, the Amsterdam local government joined in by sending a tweet asking people to please use their common sense. People in search of information made attempts to call their local power company's service number, a number specifically set up to deal with malfunctions, but they were left disappointed as the line was down due to... the power outage. In the meantime, the Dutch official national disaster TV and Radio service NOS was unavailable for commentary. Fortunately the power outage, whilst being one of the largest ever, was not one of the longest ever, and the worst of it was over at around 11 am, when airport Schiphol was back in the air.

Although the Port of Rotterdam counts far less such ships than in days gone by, no less than twenty-four classic ships departed from Rotterdam on Thursday 2nd of April, kicking off an eventful and memorable Race of the Classics.

Race of the ClassicsThe race, first organized in 1989 by two students of the Amsterdamse Academie, was originally planned to start two days earlier. Unfortunately the storm, discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, forced a delay, signalling the start of many party's. The race was to see the ships, crewed by over 550 students, travel across Belgium and towards England, before circling back to Holland and finishing in Amsterdam. Due to the delays and the bad weather, the destination England was skipped altogether. To add to this, a large number of students have reportedly fallen seasick on the crossing to Beverswijk, forcing a number of participants to drop out. Fortunately the weather has improved in the final stages of the race and the organizers are confident of a strong finish.

On Thursday 8th of January the world's largest vessel arrived at the port of Rotterdam.
With a length of 382 meters and a width of 124 meters, which equals about 8 soccer fields,
'Pioneering Spirit' is the world's largest vessel.

With a lift capacity of 48,000 tons, it can lift and transport entire oil- and gas platforms.
Dismantling into components is no longer required which saves enormous amounts of time.
For the coming four months the vessel will be stationed in Rotterdam to be further assembled. Hundreds of workers will be necessary to complete the assembly.
The arrival of the largest vessel of the world proves that Rotterdam is once again ready for the future.

The 6 Day Racing Bremen. A cycling festival which is held in Bremen the first / second week of the new year.

On the Monday evening of this happening there's the Bremen Festival.
People who are all related to Shipping will come from Bremen, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp to watch the races It's a nice way to maintain contacts in relax atmosphere enjoying a snack and a drink.

The Marstal Maersk was on 05-01-2015 the first large container ship that was unloaded at a terminal with unmanned fully automatic cranes on Maasvlakte 2.

The crane operators are not being made redundant, they are now no longer in the cranes but in the office behind a screen with a joy-stick.
With larger ships larger cranes are needed. These new cranes run so fast that it is physically no longer possible to operate by man, as crane operators will get to much G-forces to endure. Therefore the robot cranes are operated remotely.

The Port of Rotterdam supports every creative solution that leads to the reduction of CO2 emissions. To achieve this, one of the solutions is reducing the empty container transport between Rotterdam and several import countries in Europe.

As a seller of containers, K-tainer has found a solution to make the cabotage more effective and sustainable.

Instead of using their own containers, companies now have the opportunity to make use of K-tainer's containers for some locations even for free. Every month K-tainer shares a list of their available empty containers and the accompanying destinations. After selecting the empty containers that meets their needs, the transporting companies deliver their own cargo and hereby also deliver the 'empty' container. This not only reduces costs for all parties, but will also have a significant impact on CO2 emissions.

Business developer Marco Gerritzen at K-tainer: "The imbalance of equipment between countries in Europe results in the accumulation of unnecessary container storage in several import countries. By effectively making use of K-tainer's containers, empty transports will be reduced. Due to eliminating empty transports and less handling activities at the terminal, CO2 emission will be even further reduced."

On the 11th of Jan 2015 a day later than expected due to the strong winds the worlds largest container ship arrived in Rotterdam to unload about 4.000 containers.

The CSCL Globe has a capacity of 18.982 TEU and is 58 meters wide and 400 meters long, up till now it's the largest container ship of world but not for long because this year the first of 49 container giants with a capacity of approx. 19.000 TEU will claim this title.
Rotterdam can handle vessels up to 24.000 TEU

2014 was a moving year for K-tainer!

Not only did K-tainer move its office to a very nice location in the middle of the port of Rotterdam, K-tainer also renewed its website.

We are truly grateful for your trust in our company. We would like to continuously work on our current positive working relationship for many years to come.

K-tainer wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2015!

Co-located to Intermodal Europe 2014 was the Transport & Logistics Rotterdam.

K-tainer's customer, 'Van Dijk Logistics' by Mr. John van Dijk proudly presented
K-tainer's modified container to be an eye catcher on this fair thus for 'VDLO' a way of gaining new business for intermodal transport between Italy and the Netherlands vice versa..

For K-tainer the Intermodal Europe 2014 in our hometown Rotterdam proved again to be an important event ...

For K-tainer the Intermodal Europe 2014 in our hometown Rotterdam proved again to be an important event as considered to be a valuable platform to meet a greater part of our customers covering a surplus of countries as well as the contact to potential customers. We hope to see you next year at Intermodal Europe 2015 in Hamburg.

On 26th of October 2014 K-tainer has moved the office from Botlek Rotterdam to Zaltbommelstraat 10, Waalhaven Rotterdam (view our office on Google Maps). The new location is a well known address. Waalhaven pier 7 is situated right in the middle of the home port of Rotterdam, close to the center.

Our beautiful view on the Port with its activities will inspire us even more to work on the service you are used to have from K-tainer, thus to provide all types of containers such as the standard 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC but also the pallet wide 40ft and 45ft containers as well as many other types of containers to rent or for sale, everything according to your requirement/specifications. You can reach us 24/7 at our well known phone number 0031-10-4955453.

Maybe you have already spoken to him on the phone. On the 24th of November Erik van Put reinforced the K-tainer Team. 

K-tainer has strengthened its team with Erik van Put. With over 30 years of experience in the port of Rotterdam, Erik uses his expertise to advise you as good as possible when purchasing containers.

On our team page you can already meet Erik!

For several years, the 40ft pallet wide container made its appearance in Europe.
It all began with the 40ft pallet wide container with a height of 8'6 ". Soon these containers were after several years replaced by the 40ft pallet wide high cube (9'6 ") containers.

Subsequently, the 45ft pallet wide high cube container was introduced as a competition towards the trailer transport particularly to England and Ireland. The 45ft pallet wide container quickly became popular because one can easily load 33 euro pallets which is a similar number as in trailers. Now the 45ft pallet wide high cube containers are used throughout Europe from Scandinavia to Turkey.


The 45ft pallet wide high cube containers are now in different variations sizes available such as - curtain side - reefers - flat racks, etc. The 40ft pallet wide container remains a popular size, especially in the automotive industry

The Intermodal Europe 2014 is the leading trade fair for the transportation and container industry and will take place in Rotterdam/Ahoy from 11th to 13th of November 2014.

The Intermodal Europe 2014 is the leading trade fair for the transportation and container industry and will take place in Rotterdam/Ahoy from 11th to 13th of November 2014. At this trade show the major suppliers and service providers in the industry will meet. It is the ideal platform especially for our company to strengthen existing relations and establish new ones. Conferences and information workshops on the latest developments in the industry round out the event. If you wish to meet us there, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rotterdam has been rated one of the best cities in the world to visit in 2014. A world port of enormous dimensions and with a unique industrial character. Where economic strength is combined with international standing and maritime prestige and enterprise is combined with innovation and sustainability.

On 29 september 2014 K-tainer moved from Botlek to Waalhaven!

After 6.5 years K-tainer exchanges the Botlek for Waalhaven, back where we have started approx 14 years ago! Partly due to restructuring of the 'old' location we were able to make this positive step. Positive as we still see the Rotterdam Waalhaven as an important global pivot for containers from which we can serve our customers through our core activities Container Sales, Container Rental, Container Modification. The Botlek area remains of great importance to our many contacts in the petrochemical industry.

As always, but now as from the 29th of September 2014, you are most welcome at our new address K-tainer Trading BV & K-tainer Leasing BV, Zaltbommelstraat 10, Port 2530, 3089 JK Rotterdam – 'THE address for (Sea) Containers'

We all know .... the technique is faster than we think! In cooperation with HVMP our website is optimized ..

We all know .... the technique is faster than we think! In cooperation with HVMP our website is optimized. to better provide information to which are inextricably linked to our core activities Container Sales, Container all our relationships in a store Rental, Container Modification.


HVMP is a Rotterdam Internet and Event Marketing agency. Since 2006, they improve the results of commercial organizations and events online. They work for organizations as: Google, Unilever, KeyKeg and CBS. More information please visit: HVMP.nl

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