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K-tainer sells and rents 40ft. and 45ft. containers


For several years, the 40ft pallet wide container made its appearance in Europe.
It all began with the 40ft pallet wide container with a height of 8'6 ". Soon these containers were after several years replaced by the 40ft pallet wide high cube (9'6 ") containers.

Subsequently, the 45ft pallet wide high cube container was introduced as a competition towards the trailer transport particularly to England and Ireland. The 45ft pallet wide container quickly became popular because one can easily load 33 euro pallets which is a similar number as in trailers. Now the 45ft pallet wide high cube containers are used throughout Europe from Scandinavia to Turkey.


The 45ft pallet wide high cube containers are now in different variations sizes available such as - curtain side - reefers - flat racks, etc. The 40ft pallet wide container remains a popular size, especially in the automotive industry

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