Containers in South-Africa


Ten years ago the very first container sent to South-Africa by K-TAINER was destined for family van der Kraak.

A good associate of ours recommended K-TAINER to us. We enjoyed our contact and purchased a second hand container of good quality.


Before the shipping could occur, a lot of paper work had to be done.


A pack list, a bill of lading... and more terms that were – at the time- not quite familiar to us. Fortunately the people at K-TAINER were willing and able to guide us through the process. The container arrived in excellent condition, even the glasses were intact!


A few years later the family moved house and office. This meant that in the end, they had need of two more containers. Fortunately, they knew where to turn!


We were happy to work with K-TAINER again. By now we were familiar with the paperwork, but it was a comforting thought to have people with experience overseeing things. A few years, and a few containers have passed since then. We ordered our latest container this week for a family member who's coming this way – he's also bringing along furniture and personal effects.


Once here, the container will be used as storage. Pretty soon we're going to tidy up our storage, and our employees can take effects that have been left in the containers and aren't being used anymore. This practise is much appreciated, and we always make sure to take some extra things from Holland for this purpose.


Goodbye from sunny South-Africa!

Familie Van der Kraak