A Storm called Niklas


March came to a stormy end as a hefty storm wreaked havoc in our part of Europe. Germany suffered the brunt of the onslaught as the storm developed itself into a Hurricane in Germany. Hurricanes deserve a name, and the name given to this one was Niklas.

Despite staying relatively civil during its visit to Holland, achieving "only" wind speeds up to 120 km/h, Niklas caused a fair amount of damage, and more than a startle to the crew of one container ship in particular.


The Sea Land Meteor, sporting the Hong Kong flag, was merrily on its way from the Rotterdam Harbor to Antwerp when it was blown off course and eventually beached near Vlissingen. There were no injuries reported amongst the crew, and only a minor delay was suffered thanks to a timely rescue around 10 am, only several hours after the beaching. The damage wasn't limited to the sea, for several terminals in the Rotterdam Harbor reported material damage when the wind blew containers out of place. Fortunately no injuries were reported, and no major delay was suffered.


Luckily, Niklas didn't damage any K-TAINER products.