Alternative use for containers: durable container house


Aside from participating in the Lean & Green Programme, K-TAINER is coming up all green in other ways as well. As one might imagine, shipping containers are built to withstand every and all conditions of weather, and this makes them very much suited for up-cycling.

This means finding alternative functional uses for products that would be otherwise tossed or destroyed. In this case, it specifically means transforming a container into a house!


The avid reader will remember that K-TAINER already has experience with these kind of projects; a while ago one of our containers was turned into a library bus! A house, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Once our containers have been remodelled they will make for a large, green, modern and durable house in a beautiful location somewhere in Europe. Because the containers already exist, the project is affordable and can be realized in a very quick time indeed.


Eager to see a finished, luxurious container house? Check out this place out in Denver, Colorado!