Container turned library… on wheels!


The intermodal container has been in service since around 1930 for the use of transportation. Nowadays there are many different uses and variations of the intermodal container as we know it, and most of them involve transport by rail, road, sea, or air.

However, not all containers by far are used for transportation. Most people have heard of containers being used as (parts of) housing or office space, so for a container to serve as panorama deck might be passed off as very unexciting news indeed. However, when such a deck is placed atop a driving library, well, it becomes a different thing altogether!


In the City of Amsterdam a former K-TAINER container has recently found a new home. After faithfully transporting things for many years, the container has found a new job as panorama deck atop a driving library. Fitted with exquisitely comfortable pillows, gaping round windows, and to top it all off a ceiling with many brilliant lights, this deck represents the pinnacle of in-bus book reading relaxation.


The container has also been outfitted with a glass floor, so that readers can prey on the next target, located in the library below.