Intermodal Europe 2016 in Rotterdam


Last year K-TAINER attended Intermodal Europe in Hamburg. This year around the travel time will be drastically shorter as the event will be hosted by Ahoy Rotterdam from the 15th to the 17th of November 2016.

About five thousand participants are expected to take part in the traditionally open-to-public conferences, which provide ample opportunity to enter into conversation with market and opinion leaders. Because of this, the event offers a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to showcase themselves, do business, and engage in networking.


"For K-TAINER, Intermodal Europe 2016 is a great opportunity to personally meet up with our friends in the industry," according to K-TAINER owner Kees Kamerling. "Of course we will also be looking for new clients and suppliers to expand our network in the best possible way!"


"This yearly event is very interesting to K-TAINER. That said, the run time is relatively short – so in order to engage everyone in conversation we have to create a tight schedule. The planning for an Intermodal Europe always starts immediately after the summer holidays."


In addition to meeting people face to face at Intermodal Europe 2016, Kees Kamerling also hopes to be able to welcome friends at the K-TAINER headquarters. "Since we operate out of Rotterdam, and many industry players will be present at Intermodal Europe 2016 in Rotterdam, this year's event creates a unique opportunity to hopefully show our friends where it is that the magic happens."


We hope to meet you this year at Intermodal Europe 2016!