Modified K-tainer shipping container in Africa Eco Race rally in Dakar


In January 2018, the Van Velsen Rally Sport Team will be launching their 'Blauwe Schatje' rally truck from the start of the Africa Eco Race to find the way from Monaco, through thirteen grueling rally stages trough Morocco and Mauritania, to Dakar - the capital of Senegal. Last year K-tainer joined the Van Velsen Rally Sport Team to sponsor in the official "Le Dakar Race". This year, K-tainer will once again be present... and not just as a sponsor.

For the last four races, the team purchased services from third parties. This time around the team wanted to take the next step in terms of appearance and efficiency. K-tainer has been involved with the team since the establishment of the Velsen Rally Sport team, and we are very proud to stay involved in such an ultimate test of power and endurance for man and machine.


Together with Lamboo Carrosseriebouw, a container has been specially adapted and placed on a chassis to create a service box that fits the precise wishes of the team. The service truck will be used to accommodate a host of items such as spare parts, tools, and bivouacs - but also as a type of kitchen and seating area for riders or relationships.


On the 31st of December the van Velsen truck will be at the show start in Monaco, from which all participants - including material - will ship to Morocco before the start of the first leg on January 2nd. The prize ceremony will take place on the 14th January.