Paris – Dakar Rally Edition 2017


Last update; As we have announced in earlier editions in our newsletters : K-tainer is one of the proud sponsors from the "Van Velsen Rally Sport Team".

Below a last update from the "Van Velsen Rally Sport Team", with information before the rally is going to start definitely on the 2nd of January 2017.

K-tainer wishes all teams a good journey, a sportive and successful rally and a return in good health.

Tuesday 27th of December 2016 Bas, Jan, Rachel & Aad will depart by plain to travel from Brussel via Madrid to Buenos Aires. Planned arrival Wednesday 28th to continue the trip via Bus to the Port. (about 1 hour drive) to collect the truck and drive to Paraguay, which is a trip from about 1250 KM. In Asuncion they will be joined by Jos, Arie & Charl.


Jan 2nd 2017 finally they will start for a new en adventurous trip.


The organization revealed on 23rd November 2016 in Paris the route en further details about the rally. "This will be the toughest DAKAR in years, and for sure on South-American Soil" as told by the Race leader Marc Coma.


The 316 Bikes, quads, cars & trucks who start on Jan 2nd 2017, will face in 12 stages about 9000 kilometers, of which more than 4000 kilometers against the clock. The edition 2017 starts in Paraguay, the 29th country in the history of the DAKAR en goes via the Bolivian Capital city La Paz to Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina will be the finish on 14th of January 2017. "it will be a journey full of contrasts" spoke the DAKAR-director Etienne Lavigne. " the contesters leave from Asuncion in a tropical climate of about 40 degrees Celsius. But a few days later they will be faced with temperatures around freezing point, on the high lands of Bolivia. The contrast will be also in the height visible. We go from Sea level to heights of about 5000 Meters, We stay about a week on a height of 3000 Meter. The DAKAR 2017 is Four dimensional.

Complete new routes on the program, with Sand and Dunes. For everybody a surprise. The high light will be Super Belen, three days before the finish, with a 400 Kilometer off-piste. Without doubt the so-called "KONINGINNENRIT of this Dakar"