Team presentation Dakar Rally 2016


In our previous newsletter K-TAINER proudly announced participation in the Dakar Rally 2016, being involved in the 'van Velsen Rally Sport team'. On the sixth of November, the team officially presented themselves to sponsors and press at the A. van Velsen company in Stompwijk. Accompanied by festivities, everyone who helped in making the participation in the 2016 Dakar Rally a reality got to meet up with each other and get acquainted with the drivers, mechanics, and other crewmembers.

With the help of sponsors like K-TAINER preparations for the gruelling rally are in full flight. The team and their truck made their debut in the Oilibya Rally in Morocco, a five-day event which featured some of the terrain such as the teams will face in the Dakar Rally – and made for a fine warm up event. The competition was a success for the 'van Velsen Rally Sport' team; despite being only the first event in which the team competed they finished a respectable fourteenth place, leaving driver and initiator Aad van Velsen very content indeed about the team's performance.


The truck itself - nicknamed 'ons Blauwe Schatje' (our Blue Darling) - is a GINAF rally truck with some pedigree. It was built specifically for the Dakar Rally and even achieved a podium finish in 2010 as part of the 'GINAF Rally Power team', at the time driven by Marcel van Vliet. Since then, the truck has been extensively modified and improved by both the 'Mammoet Rally team' and the 'van Velsen Rally Sport team'. The team is confident of meeting their primary goal of finishing the race, a daunting task in itself considering the many dropouts each year.


The countdown ends on the 2nd of January 2016, when the Dakar Rally begins in Argentina. A lot of the team's countrymen will be joining them, with 14,4% of all contestants being Dutch.