Update construction House of Containers


A house constructed from containers is perhaps not common, but it is ecologically and economically responsible. We touched the topic of container houses briefly in the Summer edition of our newsletter, and this was of course for a reason!

At the time of our writing, exactly a dozen of our containers are being transformed from shipping utilities to a fully functional home at a beautiful location in Northern France.


Shipping containers are built specifically to withstand all types of weather and are therefore very suitable to make up a solid frame for many types of construction. By now we at K-TAINER have experience with upcycling containers for various purposes, such as a restaurant, bar, storage, or even a library bus! Yet even for us a house is new. We are delighted that so many of our containers find a new life and purpose rather than be turned to scrap, and hope in this form they can keep people happy and remain useful!


As soon as our containers have been turned, they will make up a large, modern, energy-saving and green house for a five-part family. The house is currently in full construction and we hope we can show you the finished result soon!