Using the container differently


In between all of the standard logistic work we regularly receive requests from people who have rather different destinations in mind for K-tainer's shipping containers. In this newsletter alone we mention a container that ended up part of a service truck participating in a rally.

In the past few months, several containers have been modified to fit various creative roles, such as Event, Bar and Festival containers, for which we as K-tainer are very proud. January 2018 has so far been rather wet, and occasionally dark & stormy. When it rains, it's always nice to be able to store your bike somewhere dry and secure, protected against all weather conditions. So one of our containers was modified for use as bike storage! From here it's not a big leap of the imagination to convert a container to a smoking cabin.


Where those are still fairly standard, the next container modification is rather more radical. A company specializing in water treatment has also been offering their plant on location. However, as they building a wooden shell around their plant caused a host logistical issues. The measurements were out of gauge and this would limited the specialized transporters.


Therefore new innovations were made and the next idea was using a container as basis for a new plant. This ensured that the plant could be transported through traditional and widely available means. Because of this, there will soon be several K-tainer containers driven around as mobile water treatment units! And we quite like