Container house against the housing shortage?

Container house

You can hardly imagine that in a prosperous country like the Netherlands there is such a thing as a housing shortage. Yet it is a fact and we must find solutions to this problem. One of the possible solutions to this problem is the installation of container houses. A container home is, as the name suggests, a container that has been converted into a home. You will discover here how this can be the possible solution to the housing shortage and what you should take into account with such a home.

Now you are probably wondering: what are the advantages and disadvantages of a container house? We have listed them for you below.

The disadvantages of a container home

Now that the benefits of a shipping container home have been discussed, it's time to address the drawbacks. These are discussed below.

You have to do a lot yourself

If you are not a handy Harry yourself, you have to let people come to have certain work done on the container house. If you are handy and like DIY, you can of course do a lot of things yourself. This saves you costs that you would otherwise have to incur.

Building permit

If you want to place a container next to your existing home, in many cases you need a building permit. You also need a building permit if you want to use the container for an extra office or guest house.

It may take up space

If you place the container against an existing house, you must take into account that you have to give up space in the garden to be able to store the container. This can also affect the insulation value of your home. So keep this in mind if you place a container against your existing home.

What does a container home cost?

The total cost of a container home depends on a few factors. These are discussed below.

Which container size do you choose?

The various container sizes have already been discussed above that you can use to make a beautiful sea container home for yourself and your partner. The different container sizes all have their own price tag that you have to take into account.

How many containers do you take?

As with the sizes, the amount of containers also affects the total cost of a container home. If you choose three containers of the same size, it will of course cost less than if you choose seven containers of the same size for your home.

Do you assemble everything yourself?

If you are able to assemble everything yourself to achieve a beautiful home, you will of course have less costs than if you have everything done by a professional.

How long does it take to convert a container into a home?

The time it takes to build the container obviously depends on several factors. If you need a building permit to build, this will of course take longer than if you don't need a building permit. The complexity of your home also plays a role in the construction time. If you want a simple home, it will be ready faster than if it concerns a complex home. All in all, you have to take into account a construction time of between 8-16 weeks for the house.

Want to buy a container home?

Do you want to become the proud owner of your own container home? Which can! At K-Tainer we sell different containers in various sizes that you can use as building blocks for your home. So take a look at our extensive range of sea containers today.

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