Container Modification

Container Modification

Whether it concerns modifying your shipping container to - for example - an office, work station or stables, or inserting a walk-through door or spraying your company logo - opportunities to modify your shipping container for your specific needs are endless.

More and more people are coming to realize that shipping containers new and old have many diverse applications when a little creativity is applied, and can often provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to existing solutions. Here at K-tainer we have experience with such matters: we've helped realize various different projects such as a shipping container house, a container bar, a restaurant, and even a library bus. Yet these are not the only possibilities for providing a container with a second life.

For instance, containers are perfectly suitable for use as a swimming pool. With a little bit of ingenuity, a container can be transformed in a relatively short time and for a competitive price into a relocatable place to cool down in during hot summer days. Should you wish to move around, a container could also be altered into a camper in which you can comfortably explore the world. More and more holiday parks convert used shipping containers into holiday homes to offer comfortable and practical sleeping space where needed.

Nowadays, shops, homes, offices and even hotels are by no means new territory for the shipping container, nor are they for K-tainer. Should you have an idea or question, no matter how far-fetched, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're here for you!

A few examples of container modification

Whiskey-Beer Tank


The selection of a new tank container is easy, but assembling an adjusted rotating cleaning system requires specialism. The kind of specialism that K-tainer can offer. Together with the client, we drew the system on a Beer coaster, one rotating spray cleaner type Magnum, assembled in front of the tank, connected to a DN40 pipe and another, smaller rotating spray cleaner type Midget, connected to a DN 25 pipe assembled to the rear of the tank.

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Library bus

From K-tainer to library

Not all containers are used for transportation. Most people have heard of containers being used as (parts of) housing or office space, so for a container to serve as panorama deck might be passed off as very unexciting news indeed. However, when such a deck is placed atop a driving library, well, it becomes a different thing altogether!

Container home

A home to live in

Shipping containers are built specifically to withstand all types of weather and are therefore very suitable to make up a solid frame for many types of construction. We at K-TAINER have experience with upcycling containers for various purposes including a house in Northern France

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Container bar

To buy and to rent

If you are in temporary need of a bar, why not take advantage of the already built-and-ready K-tainer Event Container to pop-up a store or bar at any location of your choosing? We are here for you!

Bycicle shed

For your company

The containers can also be modified to take the place of a conventional shed, in this example it is meant to place your bikes in. Suited for every company.


For every location

These containers are modified so you can work safe and dry on every location. The container could be modified with special doors or windows and fitted with workbenches, shelves, electricity and light. Which makes them suitable for every job.

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