Container Cabotage

No more transport of empty containers

In the port of Rotterdam, about one in five containers handled are empty; empty containers are both unloaded and put back on a departing boat. The problem with this practice is having the right container at the right location. The biggest cause is the difference in goods flows worldwide since a large part of the products come from Asia, where the demand for containers is greatest. This in turn ensures that empty containers are transported anyway. Within Europe there are container flows where empty containers are transported too, but with proper planning this can be kept to a minimum.

Why One-Way Container Transport?

As mentioned earlier, transporting containers via One-Way transport has several advantages. The biggest advantage is the lack of empty transport flows, so the port can handle more goods and decrease emissions thanks to the fewer total transport movements.

The use of an empty container directly results in a saving of CO2 for your company, this amount is shown in an overview with different possibilities. This way, you save both money and the environment by using One-Way Container Transport.

The right verification

All our containers have a valid CSC date, are wind and watertight, tested to 30 tons and suitable for transporting goods.

In the past, most of our options were centered around Rotterdam and Antwerp. Today, K-tainer offers One-Way Transport from many more locations, for example the UK, Spain, Portugal and Norway. The complete list is available on request.

Interested in the free use of a container operated by K-tainer? Call us or send us an e-mail, we are happy to be of service!