20 ft. Tank containers available at K-tainer


Tank containers are a kind of shipping container specifically designed to safely house liquids, gasses, and powder bulk during storage or transportation. There are generally two kinds of tank shipping container; food grade containers, which are suitable for drinking water, plant oils, or milk – and chemical tank containers that are used to house chemical, flammable or corrosive substances.

As standard, tank shipping containers use a stainless steel housing. Not all substances are suitable for transportation in this way, but K-tainer has a solution. Your substance can be checked against a variety of coating, such as rubber, according to MSDS* guidelines. This ensures that you will always be provided with the correct coating for your bulk, and guarantees the quality of your goods.


If your cargo requires constant heating – for example to maintain a liquid state, K-tainer has also got you covered. We offer a variety of frame heating options, such as electric, steam, or water-based systems. Style is of course also a choice, and K-tainer tank shipping containers can always be refurbished or painted according to your wishes.


Tank containers are available in a twenty feet frame, with a 24- or 26-thousand liters tank. Larger capacity swapbody shipping containers may be available on request, please feel free to contact us.


*MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet