An introduction: Jessica


Chances are you have already spoken to her on the phone, but just in case you have not had the pleasure we would like to introduce the newest member of our team. Meet Jessica. Upbeat and optimistic, she joined us on the first of February and has quickly integrated into the K-tainer way of life. This does not surprise us in the least, to be honest, because Jessica has got over thirty years of experience in the Expedition business.


Although we didn't have an official job opening listed, we met Jessica and we immediately felt that we could mean something for each other. For those who really want to get to know her you really have to get her on the phone, but we can tell you that she likes reading and rather appreciates the view from the K-tainer office.

The addition of Jessica and her expertise to our team fits our ambition to expand our knowledge and versatility to ensure that we can offer you the best possible service – now and in the future.

We offer a wide variety of services along the complete supply chain aside from more traditional shipping container business such as the trading and renting of containers. At K-tainer we aim to handle the logistical execution of your orders, so that you can concentrate on your core business, and we are convinced that Jessica can have an important part in this.