container modificatie whiskey-bier tank


The selection of a new tank container is easy, but assembling an adjusted rotating cleaning system requires specialism. The kind of specialism that K-tainer can offer. Together with the client, we drew the system on a Beer coaster, one rotating spray cleaner type Magnum, assembled in front of the tank, connected to a DN40 pipe and another, smaller rotating spray cleaner type Midget, connected to a DN 25 pipe assembled to the rear of the tank.


Whiskey-tainer: K-tainer supplies new Tank with CIP Bulbs

Sometimes you get those requests that are too good to be true !!! For example, K-tainer received the application for a whiskey brewery on 9 April this year supplying a 20ft food grade tank container between 20,000 and 25,000 liters equipped with CIP piping. This tank container must have a good drain at the bottom and a walkway with opening. The expressed wish of the customer is that the tank container is sprayed black and should be provided with their beautiful whiskey logo.

container met bedrijfslogo

A container with your company logo? No problem!

We can offer new containers ex-factory or on location fitted with your logo. Small, big, it does not matter. Together with our graphical designer a logo can be developed according to your ideas. Your logo will be printed, delivered and fitted on location.

Container modificaties

Modifying containers

For years K-tainer has been known for our competitive pricing and service. The last few years we've also managed to greatly expand our knowledge regarding the modification of shipping containers. We have certainly taken on our fair share of creative projects, so if you are feeling inspired do not hesitate to contact our experts to find out if your idea can become reality!

Mainport Container Services opening depot

Opening of the largest reefer service centre of Europe

Wednesday March 7 marked the official opening of the new Mainport Container Servies (MCS) depot, and was attended by our own Fred Tobbe. The mighty ship horn was symbolically sounded by Dutch four time Olympic gold medal winner Inge de Bruijn, and it was this act that officially opened the depot in the Prins Willem Alexander harbour.