For the smaller jobs: K-tainer mini shipping containers


Freight comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes large shipping containers can simply be too large. After all, shipping containers take up space and can be too heavy. For the cargo for which a 20 foot standard container is at least two times too large, K-tainer maintains a fleet of small containers.

The shipping containers are 10 foot long, and since containers are exceptionally durable and flexible by nature, they are available for modification according to your wishes. At K-tainer we take pride in providing solutions to your unique logistical problems, and we can modify standard containers to make them just the product for you!


The containers can be delivered worldwide and each container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety and ensures you always get your money's worth. Our containers are new or used standard containers built according to DIN ISO 1496.