Heijplaat celebrates hundred year anniversary


Residents of the Rotterdam neighbourhood Heijplaat, which has been home to K-TAINER since October 2014, have spent three days in May celebrating the town’s one hundred year existence. Before K-TAINER moved to the Heijplaat, in fact a hundred and twelve years before, another company moved here: RDM. There was no neighbourhood back then, or indeed a village: it was until eleven years after their settlement in the area that RDM were given permission to build a town to house their employees. Thus the village of Heijplaat was born.

During his planning, architect Baanders drew his inspiration from the British model villages. This style of planning stems from the eighteenth century and became popular amongst landowners and industrialists as a means to house their employees, often for a low rent. Although the villages were located close to the employers, they were often of a decent build quality and physically separated from the actual factories. The villages were often designed with integrated community buildings in mind, such as churches and shops. The same rang true for Heijplaat, which in its original planning consisted of 432 single family houses, and one each of a church, a school, a supermarket, bachelor house, store, laundry building, leisure building, and a pool which floated on the river Koedood.


In the month of May 2015, Heijplaat's residents and former residents organized a three day celebration of anniversary – a celebration open to anyone who's ever lived in the Heijplaat village. The celebrations featured many performances and the release of a book showcasing many photos of Heijplaat's hundred years existence.