K-TAINER verwelkomt Christina en Arjan


If you've been on the telly with the K-TAINER headquarters lately, chances are you've had the pleasure of making their acquaintance already, but just to be on the safe side we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce not one, but two of our new colleagues to you! In the second half of 2016 Christina and Arjan have reinforced the K-TAINER team!

Good form dictates that ladies go first, so we begin with Christina Andreasen. This Danish dame has been living in the Netherlands for over thirteen years now, a migration originally instigated by love. After graduating from the IBMS at Hogeschool Rotterdam she's worked for Triton Containers for over nine years, and here at K-TAINER she puts that experience to use for your and our benefit. She adores animals and loves cooking, and on top if that she enjoys the whining howl of a Formula One engine! Despite her Danish roots she herself is rooting for a Max Verstappen championship in the coming year!


Our second new colleague is called Arjan Bresijn, and he's been active in the container world since 1993. After having worked as barge planner he attained the function of container seller in the year 2000, and since 2015 he's been mainly focussed on selling reefer containers. Since then he's learned all there is to know about reefer containers, and since October it's this experience that he brings to the table at K-TAINER: he's our resident reefer container expert!


When he's not thinking about cooling containers, he can be found in the local Cinema, his 2nd home. Especially SF and western movies from the top directors are his favourites, so prepare yourself for sharp dialogue should you encounter him on the phone!


Our employees are always ready for you! For contact information of Arjan, Christina, or our other employees please view our site employee page.