K-TAINER wins a Lean & Green Award


K-TAINER is proud to announce that on May 26th of this year we have received a Lean & Green Award! This means that K-TAINER has formulated a Plan of Action that will cumulate in reducing our CO2 production in 2017 with 20% compared to five years ago!

Lean & Green is a stimulating programme for smart, durable and social mobility. Receiving the Lean & Green Award means recognition for our efforts to do our business in a durable and green manner, and we’re rather proud of it!

The container industry isn’t one particularly known for its consideration of the environment. Companies are often scared off by the potential costs of reducing CO2 emissions, but K-TAINER hopes to have shown that not all change and adaptation requires a spending investment. Some of the measures K-TAINER has taken to decrease our ecological footprint are: using clean lease cars, decreasing the home to work driving distance of our employees, and lowering our operational travel distance. With these changes we’ve already saved a lot of CO2 from being released into the world, and for that we’ve been rewarded with the Lean & Green Personal Mobility Award.


K-TAINER will try to green up every single part of their business, every single year. Though the Lean & Green Award shows us we’re on the right path, we will constantly keep looking for ways to further reduce our CO2 emissions. The 20% norm required for the Lean & Green Star is not a finish line for us, but merely a starting point. By attuning every aspect of our operational process to be as durable as possible, K-TAINER wants to take a leading role in the industry in regards to doing business in a green and durable fashion. In fact, we’ll even go one further: our goal is to be the greenest player in the industry, while maintaining our hallmark quality and competitive pricing.