Race of the Classics


Although the Port of Rotterdam counts far less such ships than in days gone by, no less than twenty-four classic ships departed from Rotterdam on Thursday 2nd of April, kicking off an eventful and memorable Race of the Classics.

The race, first organized in 1989 by two students of the Amsterdamse Academie, was originally planned to start two days earlier. Unfortunately the storm, discussed elsewhere in this newsletter, forced a delay, signalling the start of many party's. The race was to see the ships, crewed by over 550 students, travel across Belgium and towards England, before circling back to Holland and finishing in Amsterdam. Due to the delays and the bad weather, the destination England was skipped altogether. To add to this, a large number of students have reportedly fallen seasick on the crossing to Beverswijk, forcing a number of participants to drop out. Fortunately the weather has improved in the final stages of the race and the organizers are confident of a strong finish.