Store your tires safe and dry with K-TAINER tire storage containers


If you're reading this, you're sure to know that shipping containers are exceptionally well-suited for the storage of various goods. Here at K-TAINER we take pride in finding suitable answers to your specific challenges, such as helping you find the proper storage solutions for the tires or wheels of your cars. For this reason we now offer containers that have been specially modified for the storage of tires.

Our specialized tire containers are fitted as standard with three-layer tire racks. These racks are adjustable in height and can carry up to two hundred kilograms per layer. This ensures that the 20 ft. shipping containers have space for up to about 174 tires, an amount which is doubled for the 40 ft. variants. The containers can be adjusted specifically for your needs with the desired number of tire racks, lighting, and are fitted with a lock case. This to ensure that K-TAINER tire containers are the ideal way to neatly store your, for example, summer or winter tires.

Like all other K-TAINER shipping containers, each container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety. Our containers consist of new or used standard containers built according to DIN ISO 1496.


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