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K-tainer livre des conteneurs dans les 24 heures et se charge de tous les aspects opérationnels et logistiques, aux Pays-Bas, dans le Benelux et dans le monde entier.

K-Tainer News

This month we saw the destruction created by class five hurricane Irma, and one of the countries affected was the island country of St. Maarten. Much is being done at present to support those affected. Shipping containers are very flexible and durable, which makes them ideal for both transport of relief goods or providing temporary housing or offices.

At K-tainer we have been busy launching our Facebook and LinkedIN pages. The goal of these pages is to come closer to our customers and regularly share news we find interesting. Our newsletter - such as this one - only gets sent once in a while, and sometimes we simply cannot wait to share things with you!

Freight comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes large shipping containers can simply be too large. After all, shipping containers take up space and can be too heavy. For the cargo for which a 20 foot standard container is at least two times too large, K-tainer maintains a fleet of small containers.

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