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Summer discount: 45 ft. Pallet-Wide High Cube Containers


At K-TAINER we strive to meet all of your shipping container demands. Whether you want to turn a container into a bus, bar or a house; We are there for you. However we also understand that sometimes you just want to use a container for what its purpose-built: shipping or storing stuff!

In this case we also want to be there for you, and because we like to think big, we'd love to offer some of our largest containers to you, with an additional discount this summer. Respond quickly, as our stock is limited!
45ft. pallet wide high cube container - K-TAINER


Our 45 ft. Pallet-Wide High Cube Containers offer space to 33 euro pallets, already 6 more than fit into the standard 45 ft. Containers! Naturally, like you’re used to from us, every K-TAINER container is manually checked before delivery and contains a valid CSC date, which guarantees an international standard of quality and safety.


For more information, please visit our 45ft. pallet wide high cube container page




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