Introducing: The Festitainer
Introducing: The Festitainer

Introducing: The Festitainer


You are of course familiar with the K-tainer Event Container - an affordable and efficient solution for when you want to deploy a bar or store in a short amount of time. Now imagine that, but bigger, even more versatile, and more luxurious - and you get the Festitainer!

The Festitainer was developed together with the Tentverhuurmakelaar (loosely translated: tent rental agent) for use during for example festivals and events, and will be available from April 2018.

This specially designed set of containers allows you to combine bar, counter, storage, office, sleep arrangements and/or VIP-lounges according to your wishes. The containers are versatile and come with a roof allowing for a VIP-deck. And should the weather disagree with you, it won't be an obstacle - because the VIP-deck can be easily outfitted with a roof for your convenience.

The containers are equipped as standard with exchange panels, electric sockets and lighting. The stairs that allow access to the VIP-deck are also provided as standard.

For all your questions and bookings, please contact the Tentverhuurmakelaar in Arkel. You can reach them at 085-8769416 or at Your contact is Eelco de Wijk.



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